Graphic Designer: Career profile

Graphic designers convey ideas that inspire, inform and appeal to consumers, from logo design and page layout to giant traffic-stopping billboards. The explosion of multimedia platforms puts skilled visual communicators very much in the frame in today's job market.

Meet a Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Jordan Ciuro, 36, is a freelance Graphic Designer and owner of the graphic design business Aerogram. He's a keen traveller and as wicketkeeper for the Old Carey cricket side is seldom stumped for an idea.

Describe your job in a sentence.

Creating visual solutions to get clear messages across.

What education & training do you have?

  • Certificate IV in Graphic Design
  • Shillington College Design Masterclass

How has this training helped your Graphic Design career?

Before the course I had no idea of how to get out of what I was doing in finance and into a graphic design job. It was a whole different language and field and very daunting. But doing the training just opened it all up. It gave me the skills and confidence to finally do what I really wanted.

Why did you make the switch from finance to Graphic Designer?

I studied art at school and though enjoying it, I never saw it as a career option. I just thought you get a job in an office and subsequently fell into finance. It was secure and comfortable and I knew the game, but it wasn't really giving me much satisfaction. Then just before I turned 30, I thought either I do what I want now or I'll never do it, so I packed up on a Friday and went back to school on the Monday.

That's big! How was it going from broker to broke student?

There was a lifestyle reality check, but my graphic design course never felt like study. At least study as I knew it. I enjoyed getting up and going to class, even with a 6am wake-up call. Never did it feel like a chore. I'd found something I really enjoyed doing and wanted to learn about.

What skills do you most need as a Graphic Designer?

A lot of what I learnt before becoming a graphic designer helped extend myself more than someone who just sat at a computer with the designer skill-set. Having good phone etiquette, being able to deal with lots of different people, to communicate clearly and listen well has been really good for me, especially as a freelancer where you find yourself in many different environments.

What is the most challenging part of the job?

At first it was just starting a career again and trying to get a foot in the door. Seven years on I'm now a senior graphic designer, a freelancer and a business owner, so the challenges are a lot different. Now I'm looking at building the business, finding and keeping my own clients and being across all the different mediums we have to design for.

What's the best thing about being a Graphic Designer?

It's still the biggest buzz getting something from the printer in my hand that I've designed and worked on. With the web you can switch off or change things with a click, but in print it's final and when you nail it and get it in your hand it's great.

What advice would you give an aspiring Graphic Designer?

If you really want to do it, just go and do it. You don't need to be scared about not knowing the end result. Everything can be learned. And if you have a keen interest in it, everything instantly becomes more enjoyable.