Changing careers? 4 ways study could be the solution

Making a career change can be an exciting time but it can also be a little daunting transitioning into an entirely different field. The answer? Further study could help you bridge the gap between your old and new working life and help you successfully make your move

It gives you a taste of your chosen career

The idea of a particular career may be entirely different to the reality so it’s important to get as familiar as possible with your desired industry, before you commit to changing (buyer’s remorse can be a little more serious in this instance!).

Because study can give you a unique preview of the field you want to get into and the type of things you may encounter on the job, any course can quickly develop into a career change course. Further, study can make you even more motivated to pursue a change in careers, as you get a feel for it from a theoretical perspective and affirm it’s definitely what you want to do.

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It can give you valuable experience

One of the major hurdles most people face in making a career change successfully is the lack of experience in their new field.

Studying can be an effective way to address this as not only can you gain the theoretical skills and knowledge required to change careers, your studies can often help you gain crucial on the job experience, too. Many courses – even those delivered in part online – include industry placements in a range of areas from education and child care, to fitness or counselling. Not only can this help you in gaining real world experience, it’s also an impressive addition to your CV.

It’s an opportunity to network

A healthy contacts list is an invaluable resource in your working life however a career change will mean you may have to build up a network in a different field. Studying can often be a great strategic move for this very reason. Your teachers, fellow students and those you meet whilst doing work experience will be useful contacts to have and may lead you to discovering opportunities in your new field. After all, you never know who may lead you to your next big role.

Online study allows you to ease into your new career

When it comes to career change advice, following your passion is often quoted. However, often people aren’t in a position to do a complete career 180 overnight whether it be due to financial reasons, personal commitments or simply needing to build the confidence to do it.

This is why undertaking online study in particular can often be a helpful bridge to your new career, as it allows you to get the necessary training without completely giving up your job and risking your income (one of the major concerns when making a big work transition). And this in turn can give you the confidence you need to make your dream career change, a reality.