How to spring clean your life

Spring is universally known for spring cleaning, when we almost feel a duty to clear out the cobwebs of our home and get rid of the things which don’t serve a purpose anymore. This season, we’ve got some tips to help you extend the spring clean to the rest of your life for an entire lifestyle refresh.

Declutter your home

Marie Kondo, a Japanese organising consultant and author of several best-selling books on de-cluttering, suggests starting to spring clean your home by picking up each item and asking yourself, “Does it spark joy?” If the item in your hand doesn’t give you a thrill or serve a clear purpose, throw it in the donate pile. She also advises to be wary of focusing on clever storage solutions before going through every item, as you could just end up stuffing as much as you can fit in random boxes! We all know what a clean and tidy space can do for the mind, so put aside a weekend to de-clutter your home, and you’ll reap the rewards.

How to spring clean your life

Take up a hobby or exercise a talent

As adults, many of us have become accustomed to cramming in chores and obligations on top of long working hours, making us forget the fun of hobbies. This spring, make it your priority to dust off a talent or start a hobby – be it singing, photography, playing a competitive sport or learning a new language. Enrol yourself in a short course, or enlist your buddies to partake in group activities on weekends.

Take stock of your career

It can be so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day routines that we forget to ask ourselves whether we’re on the right path. Are you enjoying your work? Are you stimulated by what you do? Are you achieving the professional goals you set out for yourself? Are you pursuing the career you always wanted?

If you answered no to any of the above, now is the time to do something about it. Ask your manager about possible learning opportunities and master new skills you could use in your current role or in another role to build your career. You might even discover a new direction you want to follow that could spark a change of career.

Work on self-improvement

In an effort to avoid confrontation with co-workers, family and friends, many of us can end up harbouring negative emotions which can cause a lot of anxiety and stress over time. While it’s natural to feel hurt by certain wrongdoings, the longer we let it affect us, the more hurt we can cause ourselves. Some proven methods of self-development include counselling or psychology – the act of expressing your worries often helps lift them, as well as mindfulness meditation or yoga.

According to Headspace, a subscription-based app that offers guided courses in mindfulness meditation, mindfulness-meditation practice has a proven overall effect on improving anxiety and stress.

Assess your health and fitness

With our busy schedules, it’s often easier to grab meals on the go and choose snacks from the workplace vending machine instead of preparing healthy food in advance. But these habits can quickly result in regular energy slumps and a lack of nutrients to nourish our busy bodies. Use the change in seasons to change the way you look after yourself. 

Spend a couple of hours each weekend shopping for fresh produce, and enjoy finding and making healthy recipes to prepare for the week and take to work. Top it off with a commitment to move more. Try walking during your lunch break, enquire about a standing desk at work, or try a quirky fitness class such as humming yoga, no-choreography dancing or outdoor group training.