Small ways to inspire big change

Change can seem like a daunting concept, but it can also be exciting – and extremely rewarding. Many of us avoid change for fear of the unknown, or because we don’t want to disrupt our current situation. Sometime we even fear change because we’re not sure exactly how to achieve (or even start working towards) our end goal.

The good news is that not all changes need to be huge. Whether you’re looking to make changes to your health, your relationships, or your career, know that you can make changes in your life – but in small, comfortable steps.

Here are some of the best actions and thought-starters you can implement– starting right now – to act as a catalyst for change and get you where you want to be.

Small ways to inspire big change

Change your thinking

Our mind-set and self-talk significantly shapes our actions, which can mean bad news when we’re feeling negative, powerless, or stuck in a rut. Try to be more aware of your mentality, and when you start to think negatively or in a defeatist way, remind yourself that you are in control.

If you find yourself feeling that you can’t do something, think of all the reasons you can. Mantras and affirmations don’t appeal to everyone, but for some people they can be a great way to boost confidence, focus on goals, and get in the zone.

Keep your eye on the prize

If affirmations aren’t your thing, but you still want to remind yourself of your goals, this one ingenious and small change might make all the difference. Mauricio Estrella wrote about his experience using his password as a chance to remind himself of the things he wants to achieve each month, like saving for a holiday.

If you change your password to something like, upskill4newcareer, walk10thousandsteps2day or study4thepr0m0tion, you’ll set yourself up for daily reminders of your goals.

Look different, feel different

There’s a reason so many people change their look if they’ve experienced a big change in their lives. It’s because they feel different, and they want their exterior to reflect that. It also works the other way around. If you want to feel different, try experimenting with a new look.

Change your hair or your wardrobe, even just a little, with a focus on how you want to feel. You might swap your usually-tousled hair style for something a little more professional – slick and chic if you’re trying to motivate career change – or you might splash out on some confidence-boosting workout gear if you’re focused on getting fit.

Change your routine

Changing your routine, even in the smallest way, is a great means of blowing off the cobwebs, and inspiring more significant change as you become more comfortable with new ways of doing things.

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier in the morning and go for a walk, trying a slightly different route each day. Invite a co-worker out to lunch once a week instead of sticking to the staffroom. Say yes to a mid-week movie with friends if you usually only venture out on the weekends.

Learn something new every day

Our brains are sponges for new information, and learning new things can be exciting and inspiring… not to mention what you learn could open up a whole world of opportunities.

The ‘something new’ you learn could stem from talking to someone new or reading an article that wouldn’t normally appeal to you. Search for educational (but entertaining) podcasts, enrol in a course, or watch a TED talk online. Once you’ve started you’ll be surprised how easy – and fun – it is to learn new things.

Change inspires change, so start small and build from there. Excited to get started? Check out SEEK Learning for a range of courses you can start anytime.