5 careers for creative people

Calling all dreamers, innovators, inventors, and blue-sky thinkers! Is it time to embrace your big imagination and make a move into a creative career?

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite ingenious careers that challenge and inspire. Find out which one is your creative calling…

1. Interior Designer

Interior design is the art of combining form and function to make residential and commercial indoor spaces beautiful and livable. This could be the career for you if:

  • You’ve never missed a single episode of The Block
  • Your bookshelves, magazine racks and Pinterest boards are overflowing with décor inspo
  • You’re always looking for an excuse to revamp your own living spaces

Your creativity will shine in an interior design role if you have creative flair, a practical sense of space and proportion, and a knack for reflecting personality through soft furnishings and design.

Launch your career in interior design with this design course from Billy Blue:

  • Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration

Careers for creative people

2. Web Designer

Website design is about creating and transforming online spaces – from building commercial websites to designing mobile apps. This could be the career for you if:

  • You’ve tinkered with a website or blog of your own using platforms such as WordPress
  • You’re intrigued by computer programming and have an interest in learning what happens behind the scenes
  • You’re a born technophile, fascinated by gadgets and all things geek-chic

Your creativity will shine in a web design role when you can think about the user experience and use out-of-the-box thinking to develop innovative solutions.

Begin your career in web design with one of these digital media courses:

  • Diploma of Digital Media Design
  • Bachelor of Digital Media (Interaction Design)
  • Bachelor of Digital Media (Motion Design)

3. Beauty Therapist

Beauty therapy is about more than indulgence. It’s about making people feel great about themselves and can encompass a wide range of holistic practices, from massage to makeup. This could be the career for you if:

  • You’ve always been the go-to friend for beauty advice
  • Your YouTube subscriptions are brimming with makeup tutorials and reviews
  • You’re a firm believer in the positive power of pampering

Your creativity will be put to good use in a beauty therapy role if you think of your clients as a blank canvas, and ensure your focus is about making them feel like a million bucks through lavish treatments and solutions.

4. Event Coordinator

If you know a fabulous party doesn’t just plan itself, you could be destined for a career in event coordination. This job is all about planning spectacular events and parties for all occasions – from corporate shin-digs to intimate weddings – and ensuring those events run smoothly.

This could be the career for you if:

  • You’re a born planner and the hub of your social circle
  • The last blog post you bookmarked was all about DIY party bunting or brewing the perfect holiday cocktail
  • You’re always one of the first to volunteer as a parent helper for carnivals or school excursions (and you not-so-secretly love it)

An event coordinator role could be perfect for you if you can combine your genuine love of making celebrations special with supreme organisation skills.

Check out these event management courses and learn how to take your party planning to the next level:

  • Diploma of Business (Event Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Event Management)

5. Game Designer

From console and online gaming to mobile apps and board games, the great minds who dream up the world’s best-loved games and entertainment need creativity in screeds.

This job is all about innovation and fun-thinking combined with a strategy mindset, and could be the career for you if:

  • You worked on your Playstation/Atari/Pong ‘tan’ most school holidays while other kids were at the beach
  • You’re not even embarrassed about the number of gaming apps you have on your phone
  • You’re a strategic thinker who loves to problem solve and think outside the box

Your creativity will shine in a game designer role if you let your imagination run wild, have the ability to think big, and keep the end-user in mind.

Start to build up your game design skills and portfolio with these highly creative courses:

  • Diploma of Creative Arts (Game Design)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Game Design)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Animation)
  • Bachelor of Digital Media (Motion Design)