5 careers to get you in the game

Are you the kind of sports fanatic that can recite your team’s match results from the past year? Do you jump at any chance to play a bit of competitive sport on the weekend? Do you feel the need to keep one eye on the score when you’re out for dinner? To say you love your sport would be an understatement!

There’s nothing better than loving what you do each day, so if you’re looking for a career change or a career starter, why not turn your passion for the game into a job? Here are some suggested specialisations to consider to break into the industry (and the courses that can help get you started)…

Careers to get you in the game

Sports management

Behind every field, game and player is a management team running the code as a business. A sports management course such as a Bachelor of Business With a Major in Sports Management will teach you how to manage a facility, and market a sporting club or event. Get the know-how to manage relationships with stakeholders and work within laws related specifically to the sports industry.

Personal training

Any successful athlete will tell you about the importance of reaching and maintaining health and fitness goals, and personal training plays a huge role in this. A personal training course gives you practical experience and accreditation, and will help you become trained in exercise science, motivation psychology, and fitness program development for athletes and sporting groups.

Interested? Learn more about the Complete Personal Trainer - Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210) course – it includes the units of competency required for entry and also offers a Graduate Placement Guarantee.


Fuel is so important for the body of an athlete and is a crucial key to maximising performance. Sports nutritionists offer guidance to athletes to improve their health and wellbeing in order to enhance their game – this can cover everything from dietary practices, to exercise and the use of vitamins, minerals and supplements.

In order to provide accurate and quality nutritional advice and ensure public safety, it’s recommended that all practising nutritionists undergo formal training.


With the continuing growth of sports fan clubs and memberships, there are a host of promotional activities necessary to support them. There are websites to update, social media content to produce, post-game videos to upload, and so much more. A marketing qualification, such as a Diploma of Marketing & Communication (BSB52415), is the perfect stepping stone to a career in sports marketing.

Sport development

Dream of working as a sports coach to kids or elite athletes? Like the idea of a hands-on job at a sports centre or physical activity coordinator? Perhaps working as an administrator of a sport club could be up your alley! Prepare yourself to work in these roles with a diploma specialising in sport development, which will teach you how to plan and develop sports programs in a variety of settings.