5 ways to tell if you’re in the wrong career

Feelings of despair, frustration and boredom are pretty emblematic of anyone unhappy in their current role. If you’re in a more serious career rut, here are some ways to work out if it’s time for a change...

You’re spending your time googling, not growing

There’s no harm in having some downtime at work now and again (let’s call it positive procrastination!). But if you’re spending your day trawling the web instead of attacking that deadline, maybe you should ask yourself whether you’re making the most of your talents. Create a list of your skills and attributes and then check if your current job matches up.

You’re dreading Monday morning – on Saturday night

If you’re getting Mondayitis two days before you’re due at your desk, maybe you should consider a career that gets you jumping out of bed instead of hiding under your sheets. Have you really thought about what you love doing? Make a list of everything that comes to mind then start looking for a career that incorporates those passions.

5 ways to tell if you're in the wrong career

You get big bucks, great benefits – but you’re bored

A large pay check is tempting; I’m definitely guilty of choosing a highly paid role, thinking it will make me a happier human being. But it’s the roles where I’m rewarded both inside and out that really give me a feeling of fulfilment. To work out whether you’re choosing a role for the cash or the cause, ask yourself: what would you do if money wasn’t an issue? If you’re in a job for the dollars alone, chances are you’re not doing what you love.

You’d love a new career, but you’re afraid to take the leap

It’s true, change is scary. But there are heaps of options and career change ideas to help make the process a little less daunting and a lot more successful. How about adding to your education? It’s a great way to get a knowledge and confidence boost to try something new. And with 17 per cent of Aussies not finding their true career calling until after they turn 40, there’s never a bad time to give it a go. Find out how to change careers at any age

Why am I doing this job again?

Often when people think about the jobs they have loved, there’s one key element that features in all of them: passion, both for the company and the role. When you feel like what you do has meaning, it can make the most mundane tasks seem worthwhile. You don’t have to be saving lives to have a meaningful job; you just need to be spending time on something that speaks to you. Once you learn what makes you feel good every morning and satisfied every night, that’s when you’ve discovered a career with staying power.