New career ideas & courses to help get you there

Whether you’ve recently discovered a passion for another industry or you’re returning to work, there are a wide range of courses available that have minimum entry requirements to help you achieve your career change goals. These can provide the perfect introduction to that industry, and open doors to new career ideas.

Primary School Teacher

Looking at a career change after having children, or seeking a change of scenery from the business world?

A role as a primary school teacher could offer the work-life balance and career satisfaction you’re looking for if:

  • You’re young at heart and enjoy spending time with children
  • You’re extremely organised, patient, and creative
  • Your DVD collection includes a handful of Disney classics

Teaching involves the use of many transferable skills you may have learned in the past, such as planning, administration, communication and negotiation.

Begin your career transition into full-time teaching with a Bachelor of Education (Primary), which will qualify you to teach in primary schools and early childhood settings across Australia.

New career ideas and courses to get you there

Community Services Case Worker

Do you have your sights set on a rewarding role where you’ll work with families, children, and people in need of additional support?

If you’re a skilled communicator and want to make a difference, you could find your true calling as a community services caseworker, health education officer, or welfare support worker. This could be the ideal career change for you, if:

  • You’re naturally empathetic, and the first person your friends go to for advice
  • You have an interest in making a positive impact in your community
  • You’re passionate about advocacy and family support

Any existing skills you have in communication, priority management, and planning could also lend themselves to a new career in community services. Make the change by studying a Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015) and get your foot in the door.


If you’re an analytical thinker and you have an interest in human behaviour, crime and the justice system, a career as a criminologist may be right up your alley.

Criminologists study and analyse crimes and the people who commit them, and play an important role in contributing to policy-making relating to the judicial system.

You may be interested in adjusting your career trajectory towards criminology if:

  • You’ve been personally impacted by crime and want to make a positive difference
  • You’re fascinated by what motivates people to commit crime, and the socio-economic factors that can influence criminality
  • Your Foxtel DVR is packed with true crime documentaries, and you’ve just finished binge-watching How to Make a Murderer

Begin your career change with a Bachelor of Social Science With a Major in Criminology, which will qualify graduates to work as as a crime prevention officer, forensic analyst, criminal profiler, or criminal support officer.

Building Designer

If you are passionate about the form and function of residential and commercial buildings, it’s never too late to change to career in building design or architectural drafting.

This could be the perfect career for you, if:

  • You spent hours sketching your dream home as a kid (and still do as an adult)
  • You’re fascinated by architecture, and love looking at buildings whenever you travel
  • You never miss an episode of Grand Designs

Though a natural flair for sketching and an analytic mind can certainly lend themselves to this industry, you’ll also need to use transferable skills such as communicating with clients, and developing concepts through research to completion.

A Diploma of Building Design (CPP50911) requires no previous experience to get started, and graduates will be qualified to work as a building designer or draftsperson.

Practice Manager

Interested in working within the healthcare sector or want to put your existing skills in administration=and team management to good use?

A career as a practice manager may be your calling if:

  • You’re passionate about health and wellbeing
  • You want to contribute to the community through healthcare
  • You’ve experienced first-hand the positive impact healthcare professionals have on families and individuals

A caring nature and transferable skills in communication and time management will provide you with a solid base for this kind of career change. A course such as the Diploma of Practice Management (HLT57715) will also help prepare your for this type of management role.