What career suits you?

Planning your next step and wondering what type of career will suit you? Whether you’re just leaving school, returning to work after time off, or looking into an entirely new career, it’s important to tap into your strengths, interests, and values to help set you on your path to career success and satisfaction.

Consider your answers to the below questions to help determine what your dream career might look like…

What are your strengths?

Do you excel in communication? Organisation? Working with your hands? Solving problems?

Consider your strengths – that is, the things you do well, or that come naturally to you – and the types of roles and careers these best lend themselves to.

Playing to your strengths can fast-track you to success, so if you’re not sure what they are, why not ask your friends and family what they believe your strengths are?

What career suits you?

What are your interests?

Have you always been fascinated by the influencing power of marketing? Do you like to spend all of your free time in the great outdoors? Do you have a passion for protecting the environment, or working with animals?

Tap into your interests by thinking about what subjects excite and motivate you. You can even reflect back on the topics that engrossed you as a child, and the classes you excelled at in school. Choosing a career that aligns with your interests can ensure you’re invested in the long-term, and make being at work a more enjoyable part of life.

What do you value in a career?

Though the things we value can evolve over the course of our career, it’s still important to think about what you value at this point in your life to determine which career suits you.

Take a moment to think about what is important to you, whether that is:

These values aren’t mutually exclusive, but understanding which are most significant can help pinpoint which types of industries and roles are going to be the right fit.

Are you a…


If your strengths and interests play to lifelong learning and teaching others, a career in education may be for you. You might consider a path towards early childhood education, primary or secondary school teaching, English language teaching, specialist tutoring, or life coaching.


Is organisation your thing? If you like things to be in order and have a mind of strategy, you may find the perfect career in administration, events planning, business strategy, financial planning, personal assistance, and marketing coordination.


Do you thrive when you’re helping others and making a positive difference? A career in healthcare may be worth considering. This industry offers many opportunities, including roles as a nurse, counsellor, aged care worker, dentist, or psychologist.


Born communicators excel in getting ideas across verbally and through the written word. If you love talking to people or sharing stories, you may be the ideal fit as a journalist, digital marketing specialist, social media maven, news presenter, or public relations consultant.


Whether you like building things with your hands or expressing yourself creatively, a career as a maker can be hugely rewarding. Consider your interests and strengths, and look towards careers as a builder, graphic designer, website developer, landscaper, photographer, or mechanic.


Are you an active person who loves being outdoors, and shies away from the idea of sitting at a desk during the working week? You may be the ideal candidate for a job as a fitness instructor or personal trainer, sports coach, park ranger, lifeguard, or environmental researcher.