Top time savers for mums who work or study

If you’re a two-minute noodle mum, a baked beans in a bowl mum, or a drive-thru kids meal mum a couple of nights a week, then you’re not alone!

We all have those moments when nothing has been taken out of the freezer, or the fridge has more green things in it than you remember buying at the supermarket.

Package that hectic pace of motherhood up with a job or study and understandably, it’s enough to make any woman go weak at the knees for all the wrong reasons.

Top time savers for mums who work or study

The good news is there are mums managing to find that balance between work, study and motherhood… and actually enjoying it!

Ask any mum their study secret and the ingredients will always include a huge dose of organisation, stirred around with plenty of self-discipline and a dash of support from partners, families and friends.

If you’re starting to feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, try these handy time savers for mums...


Extend all the organising you already do for the kids and the household to your own study. Create a study plan that fits in with your family life – maybe the kids’ homework period or your baby’s nap time could work for you?

When the house is noisy and the children are up and about, you can still keep an eye on the kids and get things done that don’t take too much brain power. Try packing school lunches, school bags, washing and ironing and basic online banking. When the house is quiet, all that’s left to do is study.

Do a big grocery shop on the weekend and have a huge cook up session – you can even involve the kids! Try and make most of the meals for the week and freeze them. This should save you at least an hour each week night.

For busy mums who like to make the most of their time at home, are certainly worth considering. There are heaps of benefits including schedule flexibility, working at your own pace and easily accessible online support.


Time is your pot of gold so don’t waste it. Try to avoid getting sucked into that midday movie you’ve seen three times before. Join a gym that’s closer to home or work to save on travel time. Set strict time limits for Facebook and Pinterest, or use them as a study break or reward.

It’s always important to have some ‘me time’, but be careful that the hours don’t slip away from you too often. Whether that’s avoiding switching on the TV after dinner so you can make the most of the evening hours for a regular study routine, or replacing long coffee catch-ups with a thoughtful phone call.


If you can afford it, hire a cleaner – even if it’s only for two hours a fortnight. The stress of not having to worry about the bathroom mould or the cobwebs in the corner will automatically lift your mood so you can focus on more important things.

If possible, ask the grandparents to take the kids for an afternoon or an early dinner on the weekend.

Friends are called that for a reason and many would actually love to help you with your goals to re-join the workforce or continue your education for the benefit of your family’s future. See if they’re able to have your children over to play during your busy study time, or carpool to school. When you’re on a study break or in a regular work routine, you can return the favour to say thanks!

Put a few of these time saving tips in place and you’ll find that your dreams to work or study start seem more achievable, with the added reminder that you’re not alone and you can do it!

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