Study apps: Top 5 to download now

Smartphones can help you in every aspect of your life, from keeping you in (constant) contact to your loved ones to helping you find the quickest route home – but how exactly can they help you with your studies? No more are the days of carrying around a laptop or a notebook – technology has improved the way we can do things on the go.

Whether you need help with note-taking, file sharing, or study inspiration, we’ve put together the best apps to help make your life as a student a breeze!

While every student needs a dictionary, the last thing a student needs is another chunky textbook. Now with the app, you can carry a dictionary and thesaurus around with you at all times. Easy search functionality allows you to find the word you’re looking in a matter of seconds. - Top study app to download now - Top study app to download now is a free app, available via iTunes and Google Play.


The Spotify music app gives you free access to millions of tracks – perfect for the student who likes a little music to aid their study sessions. Spotify even has pre-selected playlists such as ‘Intense Studying’ and ‘Music for Concentration’ to help get you started. Or maybe you just want to ‘Shake it off’ after an exam? Whatever your mood or genre of choice, this is a must-have app for students.

Spotify is a free app, available via iTunes and Google Play.


AudioNote is a notepad and voice recorder combined. It allows you to record audio and attach it to the notes you take in a meeting or lecture.

Using AudioNote, you only need to write down the most essential notes, so you can focus on the meeting or lecture at hand. Any keywords you jot down can be used to search the audio afterwards. And you can highlight notes as you listen back, so your favourite quotes are easy to find.

Audionote - Top study app to download now Audionote - Top study app to download now

AudioNote is a paid app, and is available via iTunes and Google Play.


Spending too much time on Facebook and not enough on your studies? RescueTime could be the answer. This free app helps you understand where your time goes when you’re online and how you can be more productive.

RescueTime is a free app, available via Google Play for Android.


Harvard, APA, MLA… Referencing your essays can be tough, but not with RefME – an app that simplifies different referencing styles to ensure your assignments are completed with ease. Select the style of referencing you need, enter the article or book and RefME does the work for you.

RefMe - Top study app to download now RefMe - Top study app to download now

RefME is a free app, available via iTunes.

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