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Striving, challenging and remaining productively paranoid

Tech Culture at SEEKAt SEEK we’ve seen innovation play a significant role in helping people find fulfilling jobs and careers. Technology is a critical part in delivering solutions of the future and no other company in this space offers the breadth and depth of functionality that SEEK offers.
Our tech cultureWe are proud of our innovative tech culture and love experimenting with the latest tools and practices.We are passionate, open-minded and curious about learning new technologies. We are fast-paced and agile. Our teams enjoy ownership of their products and the autonomy to innovate.
Innovation and creativityWe love our bi-annual, three-day Hackathons, where we collaborate on passion projects and push the boundaries of technology. It’s a thrill seeing your hack ideas get shipped to production. Nothing is off limits!
How we work

We welcome diverse opinions. We believe in and practice continuous delivery, automated testing, cross-functional collaboration and emphasise quality.

We encourage knowledge sharing, continual learning and have a culture of brown bags, attending conferences, internal communities of practice and online learning tools.
“I work closely with developers and designers to optimise and fine-tune every aspect of our experience on SEEK.”
Mark, DesignOps Lead
Current Opportunities in Engineering, UX and Product