How to schedule staff like a boss, thanks to the launch of Ximble
If you lose too many precious work hours creating and amending staff rosters, fixing costly errors and tracking employee hours, then maybe it’s time to let technology do the heavy lifting. To assist, SEEK has partnered with a new rostering and time scheduling tool – Ximble.

Save time and money with this new scheduling software, which streamlines roster creation and management, while limiting errors and improving communication with staff.

Launching in Australia this week, in partnership with SEEK, Ximble is a new rostering, time scheduling and attendance tool designed specifically to meet the unique needs of small to medium businesses.

What is Ximble?

Ximble is a cost-effective solution that simplifies complex tasks, such as rostering, shift swapping, time tracking and monitoring attendance. It allows you to remove the uncertainty and unreliability that comes with using paper-based or excel rostering systems to track shift changes and attendance, and leaves more time to focus your energy on other important duties and responsibilities.

Ximble allows you to

  • Use the latest technology to evolve staff rostering into a simple, automated process.
  • Create a more reliable workforce with better visibility, transparency and shift notifications.
  • Set up rosters once and manage from one dashboard, in any location with real-time data.
  • Quickly view, manage and approve time off and shift swaps in real time.
  • Track and get better visibility on time and attendance for staff – even if they work across multiple locations.
  • Easily fill rostering gaps and improve staff and management via alerts and approvals all from one platform on any device.
  • Streamline your time tracking and payroll system.
  • Easily communicate key information and messages to staff from one platform.

While Ximble saves you time on scheduling, it also empowers staff to seamlessly swap shifts as needed and manage their own schedules on one platform across multiple devices. Communication is effortless with automatic alerts and approvals improving efficiency and transparency.

SEEK Group Strategy Director, Simon Lusted, says the launch of Ximble in Australia and New Zealand offers a cost-effective solution to one of the biggest challenges for small businesses.

“We know rostering and time tracking are some of the most time consuming, complex and frustrating tasks for small to medium businesses. While it’s vital to get rostering right, business owners have so many other important responsibilities that need time and attention,” he says.

“Our partnership with Ximble delivers a cost-effective, yet comprehensive, scheduling software offering to the market. Ximble utilises the latest technology to make rostering a simple, automated process. Staff are empowered to manage their schedule and you can oversee everything from approving leave to time tracking from one dashboard across multiple devices with real-time data at your fingertips.”

Designed to be integrated into key payroll systems (like MYOB) and POS tools, Ximble also allows information sharing across programs, while also reducing errors though compliance checks.

It’s scheduling made simple

Ximble has a number of different features:


  • Easily set up rosters once and allow staff to swap and manage shifts.
  • Maintain visibility and communication of roster changes and requests through alerts and approvals.
  • Easily cover shift changes for holidays, maternity leave and leaves of absence.
  • Allow staff to access the latest rosters with one click.


  • Reminders and alerts are sent for all shifts and shift changes.
  • Alert staff to rostering gaps and opportunities to take on additional shifts.
  • Communicate and collaborate with your team.
  • Manage all communication on one platform.

Time tracking

  • Automatically track employee attendance across multiple devices, error free.
  • Changes to rosters are updated and visible in real-time.
  • Removing errors and providing you maximum transparency all in real-time.

Payroll export

  • Review timesheets and export to payroll seamlessly in minutes.
  • Reporting means you can effortlessly track costs and maximise your future workforce needs.

Available in Standard and Enterprise versions, for both the Scheduling and Time and Attendance modules, you can choose the Ximble service that best fits your business’ needs. Customers also receive 24-hour technical support seven days a week, to ensure quick resolution of enquiries.