SEEK Advertised Salary Index - September 2023

The SEEK Advertised Salary Index (ASI) measures the growth in advertised salaries for jobs posted on SEEK in Australia. The next quarterly SEEK ASI report will be released in November and will contain industry and state trends.


  • Advertised salaries rose 4.8% in the year to September, the same as in the year to August.
  • Month-on-month ASI growth fell slightly from 0.5% in August to 0.4% in September. 
SEEK Senior Economist, Matt Cowgill says:
“Advertised salary growth is still running hot, even as the labour market has started to cool.
“The big month-on-month increases we saw in July moderated a little in September, as the once-off effect of the Fair Work Commission’s aged care award wage rise and the Annual Wage Review have now passed. But advertised salary growth is still robust at 0.4% month-on-month and 4.8% year-on-year.
“With the labour market now moving towards a more normal balance between supply and demand, advertised salary growth is likely to fall from here.”

 Figure 1: Year-on-year growth of SEEK Advertised Salary Index

Note: seasonally adjusted.

Source: SEEK.

Figure 2: Month-on-month growth of SEEK Advertised Salary Index


Note: seasonally adjusted.

Source: SEEK.

–  Notes –

The data for the SEEK ASI can be found here. When reporting SEEK data, we request that you attribute SEEK as the source and refer to SEEK as an employment marketplace.

Commentary relating to the SEEK ASI can be attributed to Matt Cowgill, SEEK Senior Economist.

About the SEEK ASI

The SEEK ASI measures the change in advertised salaries over time for jobs posted on SEEK in Australia, removing much of the effect of compositional change. The SEEK ASI is a complement to existing data about the growth in wages and salaries in Australia, including the ABS Wage Price Index (WPI). The WPI is a measure of the pace of wages growth across the economy, for jobs that are currently occupied. The SEEK ASI provides a timely and frequent read on the pulse of advertised salary growth in Australia for vacant roles.

More information about how the SEEK ASI is put together can be found here.


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