Security & Privacy Hub

Security & Privacy Hub

Helping you stay safe in your job search

Looking for your next job or career move? We’re committed to protecting your privacy and safety in your job search and beyond. 

Watch out for these current scams

Find out more about recent scams targeting job seekers and employers in Australia, how you can best avoid, and report, these scams. 

Find out how to protect yourself online

We look out for your safety at SEEK – and there are things you can do to protect yourself online, too. Here are tips to help you stay safe across different parts of your job search. ⁠ ⁠Get online safety tips

Your information, in your control

Providing information is a key part of the job seeking process, and we think it’s important to understand how it’s used. Find out more about how your information is collected and protected, and how you can manage the information you share. ⁠ Advice on managing your information