SEEK Employment Report July - Job ads rise for the first time since January


  • Job ads increased for the first time month-on-month (m/m) since January 2023, rising 0.8%.
  • Applications per job ad rose 4.4% and are now consistent with 2019 volumes*.
  • Job ads rose m/m in New South Wales (3.6%), Queensland (1.1%), Northern Territory (0.6%) and Tasmania (0.2%).
  • The Australian Capital Territory (-3.5%), Western Australia (-2.2%), Victoria (-1.2%) and South Australia (-0.3%), recorded a decline in July.
  • Demand for Hospitality & Tourism workers drove the overall increase in job ads, rising 12.4% m/m.
  • Trades & Services (2.2%), Accounting (1.2%) and Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics (1.1%) were among the other industries to record a rise in job ad volumes m/m.
*Applications per job ad data is recorded with a one-month lag. The data referred to in this report is June data.

Of the July data, Kendra Banks, Managing Director, SEEK ANZ, says:

“We are still experiencing a demand-heavy market. There are particular shortages in the Education & Training, Healthcare & Medical and Community Services & Development industries when comparing job ad volumes to pre-COVID.

“There was strong demand this month for workers in Hospitality, with job ads for Chefs, Wait and Bar Staff and Kitchen Hands driving job ads up in New South Wales and Queensland.

“The good news for hirers is that candidate activity is growing at pace. There is now competition for the opportunities on offer, so we are in a much more balanced jobs market than we were 12 months ago.

“My advice to jobseekers is to take a deeper look at the opportunities on offer. SEEK helps to find matches not just based on job title, but based on skills and experience, so be open to new roles and industries, as there are plenty on offer.”



Job ads rose for the first time since January and only the second time in 12 months,  increasing 0.8% m/m. Job ads are now 19.5% lower year-on-year (y/y) but are 20% higher than July 2019.

Applications per job ad continue to grow, rising for the fifth consecutive month (by 4.4% in June). They are now just 1% lower than July 2019 levels.

Figure 1: National SEEK job ad percentage change m/m July 2022 to July 2023

Table 1: National and regional job ad growth/decline comparing July 2023 to: i) June 2023 (m/m) and ii) July 2022 (y/y).

Figure 2: National SEEK job ad percentage change by state: July 2023 vs June 2023.


New South Wales recorded its equal greatest increase in job ad volumes since February 2022, up 3.6%. This was driven by a rise in roles in Hospitality & Tourism (14.7%), Trades & Services (3.9%) and Administration & Office Support (4.1%).

Queensland recorded the next greatest monthly increase, up 1.1% since June, also supported by a 12.0% rise in Hospitality & Tourism.

Despite an overall decline in job ads in Victoria (-1.2%) Hospitality & Tourism roles in the state increased 10.0%.

Applications per job ad grew in every state and territory, most notably in Western Australia (6%), Queensland (5%) and South Australia (5%).

Figure 3: Major state job ad trends: July 2019 to July 2023


Hospitality & Tourism drove a significant increase in job ads in the larger states and subsequently overall. Job ads rose in particular for Hospitality roles (12.,4%) including Chefs/Cooks, Wait Staff, and Bar and Beverage Staff.

Trades & Services (2.2%), Accounting (1.2%) and Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics (1.1%) also recorded small increases in job ad numbers in July.

While job ads in Education & Training and Healthcare & Medical have fallen over recent months, dropping 1.0% and 0.7% respectively m/m, demand in these industries remains historically high. Volumes in Education & Training are 66.3% higher than July 2019 and in Healthcare & Medical they are 44.3% higher, demonstrating the significant demand for workers in these industries.

Applications per job ad rose for ads in Retail & Consumer Products (11%),Manufactring, Transport & Logistics (10%) and Hospitality & Tourism (10%).

Figure 4: National SEEK Job Ad percentage change by industry (July 2023 vs June 2023) – Ordered by job ad volume









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