Healthcare Pulse Report 2023

Employment Trends in Healthcare & Medical

The Healthcare & Medical industry saw a strong post-pandemic recovery and is considered one of the least volatile industries, making it well placed to navigate any potential economic fluctuations. 
The report found that competition among healthcare organisations to attract and retain healthcare workers, especially in Aged & Disability Support and Aged Care Nursing, remains strong. Additionally, lifestyle factors are driving employment decisions like never before as all kinds of healthcare workers – from aged care workers to GPs – gravitate toward part-time jobs and flexible working arrangements. To address these dynamics, organisations are urged to understand career pathways and leverage transferable skills to fill any talent gaps. 
While all Healthcare & Medical role groups have enjoyed significant growth over the past decade, strong demand for Aged & Disability Support and Aged Care Nursing roles saw their share of the total healthcare market increase from 18% in 2013 to almost one-third in 2022.
SEEK’s National Healthcare Sales Manager, James Duncan, says, "There is growing need for healthcare organisations to support flexible working arrangements and support healthy work-life balance. Likewise, shortages necessitate sourcing talent from outside Healthcare & Medical. For the first time, SEEK’s data shows clear career pathways from entry level through to mid-career and more senior roles, which can help attract new talent to the industry," explains SEEK Healthcare Industry Leader, James Duncan.
The report, created exclusively for those in the Healthcare & Medical industry, provides an in-depth analysis of the trends shaping the healthcare labour market and potential forces that could impact recruitment strategies. In particular, it examines four key areas for healthcare organisations - macro trends impacting employment, factors influencing healthcare workforce demand, a special focus on GPs and an analysis of career pathways in Aged & Disability Support and Nursing. 
By providing valuable insights, the report supports healthcare organisations in navigating the complexities of the employment market, helping them to attract a high-calibre of talent.