SEEK Employment Report - job ads record marginal fall in February



  • Job ads decreased 1.6% month-on-month (m/m) and are 12.2% lower year-on-year (y/y).
  • Applications per job ad decreased for the first time in eight months, falling 1.8% in January*.


  • Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania each recorded increases in job ad volumes.
  • A 2.7% drop in job ads in New South Wales, and a 1.7% fall in Victoria, drove the national decline in February.


  • Most industries recorded a small, single digit decline in February. This includes Hospitality & Tourism which fell 3.7%.
  • Healthcare & Medical, Education & Training and Community Services & Development were the largest industries to rise month on month.

Of the February data, Kendra Banks, Managing Director, SEEK ANZ, says:

“The job market remains tight when comparing to pre-COVID, but in the context of last year’s Great Job Boom, the market has eased and candidate activity is returning to normal levels.

“Both job ad volumes and applications per job ad declined from the month prior, though only marginally, and it’s important to keep in mind job ads are coming down from the very high levels of early 2022.

“Healthcare & Medical, Education & Training and Community Services & Development were among the few industries that increased in February, with roles in Aged Care Nursing, Childcare and Aged & Disability Support among the greatest in volume and the most in demand to fill.”

*Applications per job ad are reported with a one-month lag. Applications per job ad data referenced in this report refers to January data.


Job ads fell by 1.6% from January to February and are 12.2% down y/y. Volumes remain 1.3% higher than they were in December and 24.1% higher than February 2019.

While applications per job ad also fell for the first time in eight months, dropping 1.8%, current levels remain among the highest they have been in the past two years.

Figure 1: National SEEK job ad percentage change m/m February 2022 to February 2023

Table 1: National, state and territory job ad growth/decline comparing February 2023 to: i) January 2023 (m/m), and ii) February 2022 (y/y).

Figure 2: Major state job ad trends: February 2020 to February 2023


While job ads declined overall, two states and the Northern Territory recorded an increase in job ad volume in February; Northern Territory (5.0%), Western Australia (1.4%) and Tasmania (0.1%).

In Queensland, an 11.5% drop in Information & Communication Technology roles drove a 1.5% decline in total volume for the state. In NSW, Hospitality & Tourism roles, which fell 4.5% in the state, drove job ad levels downwards.  In Victoria, a 2.6% drop in Trades & Services job ads led to total levels declining.

Western Australia was the only state to record an increase in applications per job ad in January, with increases in applications for Trades & Services (7.4%) and Mining, Resources & Energy roles (9.9%) resulting in the overall volume increasing by 2.1%.

Figure 3: National SEEK Job Ad percentage change by state: February 2023 vs January 2023


Job ads in most industries recorded low, single digit decline in February. The larger declines were felt in some of the smaller industries, including Design & Architecture (-7.1%) and Sport & Recreation (-6.2%).

Of those industries that recorded an increase in jobs ads m/m,  Healthcare & Medical, Education & Training and Community Services & Development were the greatest by volume.

In fact, when considering job ad volume at the role level, some of the roles most in need of workers in February were those offering care and support for our oldest and youngest Australians – Childcare & Outside School Hours Care, Aged Care Nursing and Aged & Disability Support.

Table 2: Top ten roles on SEEK in February by job ad volume  

Figure 4: National SEEK Job Ad percentage change by industry (February 2023 vs January 2023) – Ordered by job ad volume

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