Cable Jointer

Install and maintain underground and overhead power supply cables
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What's it like to be a Cable Jointer?

Cable Jointers are responsible for making, laying, joining, repairing and terminating underground control cables and insulated power supply cables. In addition, they often organise cable terminations for electrical equipment and overhead lines.
Cable Jointer

Tasks and duties

  • Installing and maintaining underground electrical cables by pulling cables through underground conduits, trenches or pipes and joining them in transmission and distribution systems.
  • Conducting tests to check cable integrity and locate faults. If problems are found, undertake maintenance work and repair the cables.
  • Updating and maintaining location guides for and diagrams for the layout of cable systems.
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Cable Jointers are usually safety conscious individuals with excellent problem solving and communication skills.The role of a Cable Jointer often involves working outdoors or in cramped or confined spaces and relies on being able to establish good relationships with property owners and authorities.

How to become a Cable Jointer

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To become a Cable Jointer, you usually need to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship. If you work as an apprentice, you’ll generally need a Certificate III in ESI - Power Systems - Distribution Cable Jointing (UET30812).

  1. Enrol in and complete a cable jointing qualification or apprenticeship.
  2. To work as a cabler in Australia, you must be registered. If you are installing any equipment that will be connected to the telecommunications network (e.g. smart home systems, monitored security alarms, closed circuit TV), you’ll need to have a current cabling registration.
  3. Some Cable Jointers repair overhead powerlines, in which case you’ll also need to have safety access equipment.

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Job opportunities

Cable Jointer jobs on SEEK
Jobs on SEEK right now
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May 2021
good pay, good variety
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Certificate II in Electro-Trades
Less than a year
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
The good things
variety, job security, niche trade, good asalary
The challenges
maths, being a proactive thinker, trouble shooting
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