Change Manager

Manage the smooth implementation of large changes to an organisation.
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What's it like to be a Change Manager?

A Change Manager specialises in facilitating the effective transformation of an organisation’s operations. They use strong business acumen to identify and implement changes to processes, systems and technology that enable an organisation to grow or undergo a major change. Change Managers need to have advanced problem-solving skills and the ability to drive the rapid adoption of new concepts and processes.
Change Manager

Tasks and duties

  • Analysing and reviewing current systems, structures and processes.
  • Identifying opportunities for improved efficiency.
  • Advising internal and external stakeholders on changes.
  • Driving rapid adoption of new processes and concepts.
  • Preparing and presenting proposals detailing revisions to working processes, job functions and organisational structures.
  • Forming and directing the Change Management strategy.
  • Applying established Change Management techniques and processes.
  • Facilitating and leading workshops.

How to become a Change Manager

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Change Managers are usually required to have extensive experience and a bachelor degree in a relevant field.

  1. Complete a bachelor degree in business, business administration, commerce, change management or a related field.
  2. Aim to secure an internship while studying to build experience in real business settings. Internships can provide an opportunity to learn alongside experienced Change Managers.
  3. Consider undertaking a postgraduate degree to advance your skills, such as a Master of Business Administration. Alternatively, complete an industry-recognised certification such as Change Management Practitioner.

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Job opportunities

Change Manager jobs on SEEK
Jobs on SEEK right now

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Latest Change Manager reviews

Latest reviews from 34 Change Managers surveyed on SEEK.

Nov 2018
Change management, setting yourself and others up for success!
Reviewer's Qualification
Bachelor of Social Science
10+ years
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
Change Management
The good things
As a change manager, you really get to focus on making (work) life better for others in your organisation. For me, I love the daily interaction with stakeholders, the variety of work involved, and fee...
The challenges
There are a few challenges that you face as a change manager, in particular, how you manage stakeholders who are resistant to change. It can be frustrating when, no matter what you do, people just don...
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Oct 2018
Passion for the current change—the best person to persuade others to support a change is an ardent champion of the effort
Reviewer's Qualification
Certificate IV in Training and Assessing in the Workplace
1 – 4 years
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
Transformational change
The good things
Be the change you want to see in the world. Being a Change Manager means you get to be part of watching ans supporting individuals maintain dignity supporting them through the ebs and lows that chang...
The challenges
Every project needs a skilled Project Manager and Change Manager who have each other's back partnering together to deliver on the project outcomes however where the project lacks a presence of a proje...
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