Install, maintain and repair electrical systems.
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What's it like to be an Electrician?

Electricians work with electrical systems and networks in domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Electricians are skilled in performing a range of services safely, including installing electrical switchboards, cables and wiring, and diagnosing and repairing electrical malfunctions. The may also perform maintenance on existing electrical systems. The day-to-day tasks of electricians vary depending on their chosen specialisation.

Tasks and duties

  • Maintaining and repairing electrical appliances.
  • Installing and testing electrical systems and their components.
  • Removing potential electrical hazards.
  • Communicating with customers to understand problems and identify solutions.

How to become an Electrician

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To become an Electrician you need to complete an apprenticeship and apply for an electrical licence to work unsupervised.

  1. Consider completing a Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) (UEE22020). This is a good way to sample this career path before committing to further training.
  2. Complete a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (UEE30820) as part of an apprenticeship. This typically takes 4 years and includes structured training through a registered training organisation and workplace experience.
  3. Apply for an Electrician’s Licence. As licensing and registration requirements may vary between states, you should check with the licensing body in your state for specific details.
  4. Ensure you have other relevant licences that may be required, such as a certification to work at heights and/or in confined spaces. You may also need to gain a White Card which will allow you to work on a construction site.

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Job opportunities

Electrician jobs on SEEK
Jobs on SEEK right now

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Latest Electrician reviews

Latest reviews from 112 Electricians surveyed on SEEK.

May 2021
Being an electrical apprentice can be tough work, but sticking to it and learning will leave you rewarded
Reviewer's Qualification
Certificate II in Electrotechnology
Less than a year
Organisation size
Medium (20-199 employees)
The good things
Being an electrical apprentice allows you to make contributions to a worksite that you can see in real time, which can be quite rewarding. Having the ability to work with electricity is neat if you ar...
The challenges
You might feel like you're being dropped in the deep end a little if you're starting off at a large worksite with little context. Longer hours are expected of you as deadlines are approaching, this co...
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May 2021
An electrical role in the mining and resource sector can be demanding but also very rewarding
Reviewer's Qualification
Certificate III in Electrical (Electrician/Electrical Mechanic)
10+ years
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
Infrastructure, Fixed plant equipment, Generators
The good things
Constant changing role, work in all aspects across mine sites in all different departments
The challenges
Electrical science, relied upon by the site to get the power back on so there will be pressure to do this, Knowledge of all different types of electrical equipment that you may not have worked on or s...
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