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What's it like to be a Paediatrician?

Paediatricians deal with a wide range of illnesses and conditions that may affect a child's physical, mental and behavioural development, including: cancer, genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis and Down syndrome, disabilities such as cerebral palsy, developmental delays, chronic diseases such as diabetes, infectious diseases such as meningitis, asthma and allergies and autism spectrum disorders.

Tasks and duties

  • Examining and treating babies immediately after birth.
  • Assessing and, if necessary, resuscitating newborns and managing the treatment of premature babies.
  • Examining patients to determine the nature and extent of problems after referral from General Practitioners and other medical specialists.
  • Undertaking laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures.
  • Analysing test results and other medical information to make diagnoses.
  • Prescribing and administering medications, as well as remedial and therapeutic treatment.
  • Maintaining medical records.
  • Reporting specified contagious and notifiable diseases to government health and immigration authorities.
  • Admitting or referring patients to hospitals.

How to become a Paediatrician

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Becoming a Paediatrician requires many years of formal training. You will need to complete a medical degree and postgraduate training before you can become certified in the field.

  1. Complete an accredited medical degree such as a Bachelor of Medical Studies / Doctor of Medicine. This typically takes 6 years of full-time study. Alternatively, if you already hold an undergraduate degree, you may be able to complete a Doctor of Medicine.
  2. Complete a 1-year internship before registering as a Medical Practitioner with the Medical Board of Australia.
  3. Apply to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) to undertake Basic Training in paediatrics and child health. This training typically takes 3 years to complete.
  4. Apply for Advanced Training in a paediatric discipline such as general paediatrics, paediatric cardiology, paediatric emergency medicine or paediatric rehabilitation medicine. You will train under supervision and prepare for independent practice as a Consultant. The program typically takes an additional 3 years of full-time training.
  5. Successful trainees will be admitted to the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP).

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Latest Paediatrician reviews

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Sep 2023
It's been fulfilling knowing that I can decipher what the problem is, with my Paediatric patients and treat them successfully. It makes me feel like a genius
Reviewer's Qualification
Master of Paediatrics
10+ years
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
The good things
The field of Paediatrics is a rewarding career because of swift response of children to treatment. Children do not pretend, they're up and about with little relief and everyone is happy that you as a ...
The challenges
Nothing specifically, I love my role even though I'm now burdened with a lot of responsibility of giving specialised care to my patients including supervision and training of junior colleagues.
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May 2021
Peadiatrics is tough but rewarding
10+ years
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
General Pediatrics
The good things
Get a position that will allow you to progress, not stress you and pays well
The challenges
It’s long working hours but it’s also rewarding in the end
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