Personal Care Worker

Provide practical care to individuals and families who require physical and emotional support.
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What's it like to be a Personal Care Worker?

Personal Care Workers are carers for aged, unwell and vulnerable individuals and their families. Personal Care Workers provide emotional and practical support, such as administering medication, providing transport to appointments, offering companionship, helping with household tasks and filling out paperwork.
Personal Care Worker

Tasks and duties

  • Providing personal care support.
  • Administering medication.
  • Helping with household tasks.
  • Supporting clients to develop new hobbies and interests.
  • Transporting and accompanying clients to appointments.
  • Doing grocery shopping and preparing meals.
  • Working with doctors and therapists to ensure appropriate support.
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Personal Care Workers may need to work on weekends and holidays, and do shifts throughout the day and night, depending on their client’s needs.

How to become a Personal Care Worker

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It’s possible to work as a Personal Care Worker without formal qualifications, however, many employers require a vocational qualification such as a Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015).

  1. Complete a vocational qualification in disability or community services. This may be a Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015) or a Certificate IV in Disability (CHC43115).
  2. Ensure you have a current police check for your state. It’s also recommended to have a First Aid Certificate.
  3. It may be helpful to hold an unrestricted drivers’ licence. Check with your local traffic authority for more details.
  4. To get experience in the industry and to boost your resume, you can also volunteer with Seniors and Aged Care or Disability Services.

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Job opportunities

Personal Care Worker jobs on SEEK
Jobs on SEEK right now

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Source: LMIP. Personal Carers and Assistants
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Latest Personal Care Worker reviews

Latest reviews from 97 Personal Care Workers surveyed on SEEK.

Aug 2019
Sharing compassion and caring for the elderly is the most rewarding job I can think of and I am very grateful to be able to do this
Reviewer's Qualification
Certificate III in Aged Care Work
10+ years
Organisation size
Medium (20-199 employees)
Personal care/ assistant in nursing
The good things
It’s a very satisfying role, at the end of the shift you may go home exhausted with aching feet but the feeling of helping your residents and knowing you gave them comfort and companionship is makes i...
The challenges
Aching legs and sore feet are my biggest challenges however I am learning what helps minimise the discomfort such as footwear and specific exercise. Some family members expect their loved ones to have...
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Sep 2023
I find great fulfillment in compassionately caring for others as a Personal Care Worker.
1 – 4 years
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
The good things
As a personal care worker, you play a vital role in supporting and assisting individuals who require help with daily tasks due to age, disability, or other circumstances. Here are some enjoyable and c...
The challenges
Some challenging aspects of being a personal care worker include: Physical demands. It can be tiring helping clients transfer, bathe, dress, and more. Proper body mechanics and safety precautions are ...
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