Our Commitment

At SEEK we are energised about making our communities even better. In keeping with our purpose of helping people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and to help organisations succeed, we are committed to operating sustainably and to always think and act with long-term goals in mind.
SEEK’s approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics focuses on areas that have the most impact and align most to SEEK and its stakeholders and where SEEK can make a meaningful difference. There are six key areas that reflect SEEK’s approach to sustainability – human rights, data and cyber, social impact, people, environment and responsible business conduct. 
We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. 
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2023 Sustainability Report

In 2023, SEEK continued our commitment to positively supporting the communities in which we operate and remained focused on the achievement of our purpose and on the creation of long-term value.
SEEK has made progress toward our long-term goals in many areas, including:
  • Promoting fair hiring on SEEK’s employment platforms and managing our modern slavery program across SEEK’s supply chains.
  • Managing our cyber risk and ethical data practices including responsible artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Introducion of a Social Impact Framework to further define SEEK’s social impact in delivering our purpose.
  • Continued focus on diversity and inclusion, including monitoring gender pay. SEEK maintained equal representation of women and men on the Executive Leadership Team.
  • Achieved carbon neutral certification from Climate Active for our global business operations for FY22, set a business-wide interim emissions reduction target of 40% for 2025 and completed climate scenario analysis.

Read about all of our activity and progress toward our goals in the Sustainability Report here.

Human Rights

SEEK is committed to our fair hiring program on SEEK’s employment platforms and to our modern slavery program across SEEK’s supply chain.

Fair hiring: Customers interacting with SEEK’s employment platforms expect their job searching experience to be efficient, safe and secure.  Fair hiring reflects our commitment to consider the risks to candidate working lives when engaging with SEEK’s employment marketplaces.

Modern slavery: Coercion, threats or deception to exploit victims and undermine their freedom can occur across global supply chains and within business operations. SEEK is committed to identifying and preventing modern slavery in SEEK’s supply chains, and focused on responsible procurement of goods and services.

View Modern Slavery Statement

Data and cyber

Data and insights form the foundation for SEEK’s products and services. Leveraging data and artificial technology improves outcomes for candidates and hirers and in evolving this capability SEEK takes an ethical and risk-based approach with a focus on user trust.

Social Impact

Our customers, community and employees are front of mind in our approach to having a positive impact on society. We consider our impact and how we can apply our capabilities for broader public good. We want to achieve and hold ourselves accountable for positive outcomes for all of our people, communities and partners.

First Nations: As SEEK deepens its relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, businesses and communities, the SEEK First Nations Reconciliation Strategy has three foundations: cultural confidence and inclusion, partnerships with First Nations business, and access to fulfilling careers for First Nations people. It focuses on how SEEK can uniquely make a difference, through our assets and capabilities.


At SEEK we believe in a community where people feel valued.  Innovation, creativity and passion drive us. SEEK is committed to providing equal opportunities to employees and maintaining an inclusive culture, which values diversity of thought, opinion and background.

For more information about working at SEEK, refer here.


SEEK is committed to reducing our environmental impact through measuring and striving to minimise energy use and emissions.  We are certified carbon neutral for SEEK’s business operations in Australia and New Zealand, Asia and Latin America in 2022-23. For more information, refer to Climate Active.


Certified carbon neutral for Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil business operations in 2022-23

Our target is to achieve net zero emissions across the full scope of carbon emissions by 2030. We are also committed to a SEEK-wide 40% emissions reduction target across all scopes by 2025. We assess the risk and opportunities of climate change on our business in line with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Framework.

Responsible business conduct

SEEK’s culture is based on trust, accountability and acting for the long term to achieve SEEK’s purpose. SEEK is committed to conducting business in an honest, ethical, responsible and accountable way.

Through Our SEEK, the Company’s purpose is aligned with clearly defined principles and behaviours. Together, these reflect SEEK’s values, guide how SEEK operates and clarify how people approach their work, individually and together.

We promote responsible and ethical business practices, via a culture of trust and respect supported by corporate governance policies. 

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SEEK’s Annual Report outlines our overall performance for the financial year to 30 June 2023.
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