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Free resume template

Free resume template


A great resume is a valuable tool for taking steps forward in your working life.

It’s a key document for job applications and a way to showcase your skills, experience and achievements to potential employers.

It’s best to think of your resume as a summary that shows why you’d be a good match for a role, rather than your whole career history – it needs to capture a potential employer’s interest quickly.

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A great resume does this by highlighting your achievements and offering a clear snapshot of your key skills and experience – just like the example here.

A blank page can be a daunting way to start so we’ve come up with these simple, professional templates to get you on your way. Select from one of three different styles.

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Once you’ve got your resume together, these articles have tips to help you refine it:

Checking your spelling and grammar is a must and it’s a good idea to get a friend to read over your resume, too.

When you’re done, upload your new resume to your SEEK Profile.

Need to submit a cover letter with your resume? We’ve got a template for that, too. Cover letter template.

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