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Here's how to get into an industry you hadn't considered

Here's how to get into an industry you hadn't considered


Are you feeling the itch to broaden your horizons, to challenge yourself, to try something new? Maybe it’s time to consider how transferable your skill set is, and where you can apply your existing skills to a new role or even a whole new industry.

  • How to decide on where to go. Naomi Easson, Digital and Design Recruitment Agent at Agency Iceberg, says that before advising any potential job seeker to jump into a completely different industry, she always asks then to reflect on what they’re passionate about. 

    “Your passions can be as much personal as they are professional. Do you want to help people, make money, change the world, be professionally respected, have time to spend with your family and friends, or all of the above? These key drivers must be a big part of your decision making,” says Easson.

    If the role or industry you’re looking to break into will feed your passions and give you a sense of accomplishment, then it’s time to start digging into your personal toolbox of transferable skills.
  • How to identify your transferable skills. Before becoming a Digital and Creative Recruitment Consultant, Easson studied acting and says the skills she gained have been indispensable to her career. “Spending years of my life stepping into other personas has helped me understand others’ motivations. Audition training has become the base for my interview preparation, and learning to stay calm when faced with forgetting my lines has been a great stress management tool across my life.”

    In the same spirit, think about all of the skills you’ve acquired over your schooling and working life ­– whether interpersonal skills, technical skills, analytical skills or organisational skills – and how they can be applied to a different role or industry.

    If you identify yourself as cool-headed under pressure, perhaps you’d thrive as a care worker or in the fast-paced world of sales? If you’ve got great conversational skills and love meeting new people, would hair and beauty, or a busy office support role take you out of the environment you’re in? 
  • How to make the change into a new industry. “If you aren’t ready to take a full leap, there are always ways to dip your toes into new waters. Many businesses offer volunteer or intern positions to help you learn the ropes and help you figure out if the passion is really there. For industries where skills are fixed or absolutely required by candidates (such as medicine, trades or web development), perhaps it’s time to consider doing upskilling. There are many courses designed to suit a busy lifestyle if full-time study isn’t an option for you. 

Speaking to a recruitment consultant can also be a great first step, as they understand the current marketplace and the types of opportunities available. They can also give you real-world advice as to what to expect if you’re looking at changing industries completely.

So, if you’re seriously considering scratching that itch, why not take your first step today? Go on!


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