How to best showcase yourself in a video interview

How to best showcase yourself in a video interview
SEEK content teamupdated on 11 December, 2019

Being able to ace a video interview is a new skill that you should be looking to master as more employers start introducing video into their recruitment processes. Luckily, being able to showcase yourself in a positive light is a skill that can be learned.

Read on and for tips including how to talk to an interviewer you can’t see, how to answer questions concisely within the time allotted, among other best practices.  

So, what’s different about video interviews?

Video interviews offer some unique benefits that other first round interview processes don’t allow for. For example, in a phone screening interview, the interviewer only hears your voice when you’re responding to answers. In a video interview however, candidates are able to better showcase themselves and their personalities. The reviewer can read your body language whilst also listening to your answers. This paints a more accurate image of you as a candidate and gives employers a better sense of whether you could be the right fit for the role.

⁠Video interviews offer some unique benefits that other first round interview processes don't allow for.

How video screen interviews can work in your favour

If you don’t have the qualifications or experience on paper, a video interview can give you a foot in the door. NAB, for example, uses an online questionnaire followed by a short video interview to prequalify candidates, instead of a resume. 

Think of video interviewing as an opportunity to sell yourself as a whole package. Here are some useful tips to help you ace your video interview:

  • Talk yourself up in a video interview.  One of the biggest differences with video interviews versus other early stage interview processes is that you won’t be talking directly to someone, you will be answering questions as they appear on the screen of your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

    As an interviewer won’t be probing you, it’s necessary to make sure you talk yourself up in the video interview. To do this, it’s essential that you spend time beforehand thinking about the skill set you bring to the role you’re interviewing for. Make a list for yourself of how you can add value to the organisation. What are you good at and proud of? Create yourself a 30-second elevator pitch and practice delivering it until it’s natural.  
  • Picture yourself talking to someone. Imagine the person on the other side of the camera as you speak. This will make your delivery more natural.  As with all interviews, make sure you do some background research on the organisation you’re interviewing for, says National Australia Bank’s Talent Acquisition Manager Michael Virgo. Video interviewees who know why they want to work for NAB really stand out. “They will have done their research and will know, for example, that we do a lot of community work.”  
  • Take control of your body language. You’re going to be on camera and simple modifications to your body language can really boost your delivery. Look into the camera, nod your head occasionally, lean forward and in particular, smile genuinely.  “When people are smiling in the interviews it gives us a good perception of the person,” says Virgo.  
  • Structure your answers. With a video interview, the interviewer isn’t probing you so you need to move on from one point to another without being prompted. Use the thinking time you’re given to prepare your answer, says Virgo.  “I would advise writing bullet points to structure your answers. Be concise.” Make sure you keep an eye on the timer and move from one statement to the next. Do take time to breathe between each point. That way there is a natural pause and you get a second or two of thinking time.  

Lastly, head to YouTube and watch how YouTube stars behave on camera. This can be a great way to glean tips on how to be clear and engaging when recording an interview.  


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