Why employers are seeking passionate candidates

Why employers are seeking passionate candidates
SEEK content teamupdated on 19 December, 2019

It’s easy to forget that employers aren’t just looking for candidates with certain skills and experience: they’re also looking for people who are passionate about what they do.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or simply a new challenge in your current role, enthusiasm is important. Read on for the reasons why:

“Well before the interview learn as much as possible about the company and the role. Use this information to find what really excites you as an individual about the company. Stay authentic.”
  • It shows you care about the company. Employers perceive your passion as not only enthusiasm for the role but also for the business at large. That’s why it’s good to demonstrate passion combined with a genuine interest in and knowledge of your prospective employer, says Brodie McDougall, Regional Director at Michael Page WA. “This includes understanding the business operations, leadership team and company culture.”
  • It makes you memorable. You’re much more likely to succeed in the application process and in the role itself if you’re passionate about it, as you’ll leave a lasting impression. As Givile Mockute, Adecco Group CFO, says, “Passion is something intangible, however it can be felt instantly upon the first interaction by the other party.” McDougall adds, “To stand out from other applicants, your enthusiasm and passion for the role can be the difference.”
  • It leads to productivity. When you’re passionate about your job you have more energy to do it. This is valuable to employers and for you as an employee, as you’re more likely to get noticed for your hard work and reap great rewards. Mockute explains, “Passionate people are often more motivated, innovative and less stressed, which is a great selling point in today’s job market.”

How to demonstrate passion when you’re seeking a new role or new career challenge:

  • Don’t fake it. You’re less likely to give a job your all and succeed in it if you’re not enjoying it, so you’ll only be doing yourself a disservice if you pretend to be passionate. “The best way to show enthusiasm and passion is to feel it,” says Mockute. “Well before the interview learn as much as possible about the company and the role. Use this information to find what really excites you as an individual about the company. Stay authentic.”
  • Know the business. If you’re passionate about a business or job opportunity it’s probably because you know a thing or two about it. Brush up on your background knowledge of the business before your job interview, so that you can portray your passion effectively.  Conducting research into the business can help you with the effective delivery of your passion for the role,” says McDougall. This will make you stand out as an enthusiastic and knowledgeable candidate.

  • Prove your positive influence. Put yourself in a favourable light by showing how your passion and commitment has resulted in positive business outcomes for your previous or current employer. Do this by reviewing your recent achievements to demonstrate exactly where you have had made an impact.
  • Stay positive in times of challenge. Passion is a positive quality, which is important when the going gets tough. If you’re aiming for a new challenge in your current role, continue to show your enthusiasm in every assignment that comes your way, Mockute advises. “It’s important to stay positive in times of challenge as they are the ones that will show your grit and position you for the next opportunity.” If you’re applying for a new role, show your prospective employer that you won’t give up easily. McDougall says, “Companies look to hire passionate people who they believe will demonstrate resilience and positivity during challenging times.”

Ultimately passion is important for a happy and successful career, so make sure the career you pursue is the one you want.

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