Communications Manager

Develop communications strategies and oversee a communications team within an organisation.
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What's it like to be a Communications Manager?

A Communications Manager is responsible for the dissemination of an organisation’s messages. The organisation’s messages may be intended for internal external audiences, or both.
Communications Manager

Tasks and duties

  • Developing communications strategies.
  • Writing, editing, proofreading and formating copy for publishing in print and/or online.
  • Creating and managing publication production timelines and teams.
  • Liaising with, supporting or managing public relations team for the creation of press releases, advertising kits and promotional collateral.
  • Writing speeches for senior leaders in the organisation.
  • Writing scripts for strategic videos.
  • Managing social media channels, website, app and publication content calendar.
  • Delivering briefs to visual designers, freealance writers and external agencies.
  • Creating marketing strategies aimed to attract or retain customers.
  • Executing communication strategies using customer relationship management databases and email direct marketing software and templates.
  • Assessing web, email and social media analytics to understand opportunities and barriers.
  • Organising and managing events to promote key messages.
  • Supervising and mentoring junior members of the team.
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Communication Managers may be responsible to overseeing a team and need to have strong leadership skills in addition to a high level of experience and knowledge in communications, marketing or public relations.

How to become a Communications Manager

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Communications Managers generally hold tertiary qualifications in communications or a related field.

  1. Get your foot in the door as a Communications Officer and gain experience within a communications, marketing or public relations team.
  2. Consider completing a Master of Communication, or specialise with a Master of Digital Communication, a Master of Journalism or a Master of Strategic Communication.

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Job opportunities

Communications Manager jobs on SEEK
Jobs on SEEK right now

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Latest Communications Manager reviews

Latest reviews from 17 Communications Managers surveyed on SEEK.

Sep 2023
Rewarding work providing your intelligence, autonomy and recommendations are respected by those around you.
Reviewer's Qualification
Bachelor of Arts
10+ years
Organisation size
Small (1-19 employees)
The good things
Most communications roles are complex. They require the ability to engage with a wide cross-section of people within the organisation. This can mean digesting complex communication objectives, where i...
The challenges
Unpleasant aspects of this role include (1) Arrogant leaders who are set in their ways and unwilling to learn new ways of communicating. (2) Clients or colleagues who do not appreciate the full cycle ...
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May 2021
Communications - best job in the world if you're valued; can break you if you're not
10+ years
Organisation size
Large (200+ employees)
Strategic communications
The good things
If you love adrenalin and thrive on a dynamic challenge where you can make a positive difference through your judgement, application of knowledge and your communication skills, then a career in commun...
The challenges
Be aware that while brand promotion and reputation building are usually key requirements of this type of role, a large portion of what you do will be "absence of evil"...that means keeping your organi...
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