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5 out of 5

Food And Beverage Attendant

'It's definitely the best job I've ever had and I always suggest everyone looking...'Sydney Olympic Park — 2 years ago

The good things

Variety of opportunities to learn new things all the time. Management is always so happy to help whenever need be. Very professional organisation.

The challenges

The only challenging thing for me would be not getting regular shifts and trying to find my way at the stadium.
5 out of 5

Chef De Partie

'Starting a new courier goals as production chef'2 years ago

The good things

Learning a vast knowledge in term of HACCP that you dont really learn at culinary school as well cooking and chilling procedures.

The challenges

Having to produce at least 1000 person per meal so multiple 10 different menu = 10,000 meals to be ready for a busy period of time

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About ANZ Stadium

Stadium Australia is made for the big occasions. The occasions that go down in history and become part of the folklore of the nation. Our specialty is the spectacular, so we’re always ready to take on a bold vision and make it a reality. Stadium Australia hosts Rugby League, Cricket, Rugby Union, Soccer, AFL as well as the world’s biggest international artists like AC/DC and U2. So there’s not one demographic or target audience. It’s everyone. So we create a clean, comfortable environment to make all our guests feel welcome. Stadium Australia is unique for its size and versatility. And by being flexible more becomes possible. Plus, with the expertise of our event management team and a ‘can do’ approach, we can – and have – pulled off events that just aren’t possible anywhere else. Stadium Australia delivers world-class entertainment experiences that take the nation’s breath away. Edge-of-your-seat experiences that turn into unforgettable memories. Which gives fans the greatest souvenir of all, knowing when history was made, “I was there.” Source: this is an extract from the company’s own website


Level 3, Members' Stand, Edwin Flack Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park Nsw 2127