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2 years ago


Sep 2019


Sydney NSW, Australia

Not recommend to anyone

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Free subway once a month
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No one knows what they are doing
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Company overview

IPCA's mission is helping SUBWAY® Franchisees be more profitable and competitive today and for the future in Asia Pacific. Independent Purchasing Company (Australasia) Ltd (IPCA) is an independent SUBWAY® Franchisee owned and operated purchasing company. Our goal is to implement purchasing and distribution programs that help build a competitive environment for SUBWAY® Franchisees. Working under the direction of the Franchisee Board of Directors, IPCA’s team carefully selects strong trading partners and manages the risks inherent to the costing and distribution of products in the food service industry. Source: This is an extract from the company's own website.
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Level 3, 65 Berry Street, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia

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