About us

As part of the SEEK family, SEEK Learning gives you the expert information you need to find the right course for your career.

Helping Australians on their career journey is in our DNA. Our story started over 20 years ago with SEEK, now Australia’s leading job site. SEEK Learning soon followed, connecting job seekers with relevant, nationally recognised courses. 

Today, SEEK Learning has connected over 200,000 students with the right course for their career goals.

Because we’re part of the SEEK family, SEEK Learning has access to job and industry insights like no-one else. Our expertise and understanding of the job market means SEEK Learning is your go-to for advice on the right course for your career.

So whether you're interested in kick-starting your career, switching careers or simply building on existing skills, with SEEK Learning you’re one step closer to finding a course that suits your needs.

How SEEK Learning can help

As part of Australia’s leading employment site, SEEK, we’re not just job experts, we’re course experts. We understand study is a big decision, and that everyone’s personal situation and career goals are different.

We provide information on:

  • specific courses
  • education providers
  • career outcomes
  • study modes
  • industry insights
  • student support

Our course providers

We work with nationally accredited, industry recognised education institutions including TAFEs, universities and other registered training organisations, and together we connect students with over 300 courses.

To ensure you get the best education, we look for providers with:

  • flexible study options
  • quality teaching materials
  • sophisticated learning tools
  • good student-teacher ratios
  • popular courses with good job prospects
  • a strong reputation in their industry

Searching for a job and building your skills through learning go hand in hand, and at SEEK Learning we have been helping Australians do both for over 10 years.