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Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

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Why study this course

The one thing standing in the way of the success of a product or service often comes down to good marketing. Not surprisingly a skilled marketing professional is always in demand and highly sought after.

If you're after a career that’s challenging, allows you to work in a diverse number of fields and is constantly changing, then marketing is the right fit for you.

Swinburne Online's marketing degree gives you a strong foundation in this field and qualifies you to work across a range of sectors. Graduate with a degree from a highly-regarded university, all while tailoring your studies to suit your needs.

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Swinburne Online's business faculty is accredited by AACSB International.

Entry requirements

Non-Year 12 entry

Completion or partial completion of an approved tertiary qualification (including diplomas, advanced diplomas, associate degrees and degrees). Additional performance criteria and prerequisite requirements may also apply.

Students admitted to the course with prior tertiary studies that satisfy part of the academic requirements of this course may be eligible for academic credit.

Applicants without a formal qualification but with significant and relevant work experience and appropriate English language skills will be considered if they can demonstrate that they can undertake the course with a reasonable prospect of success.

The University may determine selection criteria and restrictions in respect of courses to apply in addition to these entry requirements.

Year 12 entry

Successful completion of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or its equivalent, such as an interstate or international Year 12 qualification.

Applicants must meet the associated minimum ATAR score and gain a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or at least 25 in English other than EAL.

Where is this course offered?

This course is delivered online, so you can:

  • Study from anywhere and choose when you want to fit study into your week
  • Access all study materials, assessments, and student support services
  • Achieve the same qualification as someone studying in a classroom

Find out more about online courses and the benefits of studying online.

What you’ll learn

This program covers:

  • International marketing
  • Communication
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Buyer behaviour
  • Marketing planning
  • Market research
  • Digital marketing

Enquire with Swinburne University of Technology Online to find out more about the course content, units, and what you’ll learn.

Course price

The course price can vary depending on a few factors, including:

  • Whether the institution offers subsidies, concessions, or government loans and your eligibility to receive them
  • Your previous study and work experience
  • Your unit selections

Enquire with Swinburne University of Technology Online to find out more about the course price for you.

What to know before you apply

To help you decide if this is the right course for you, Swinburne University of Technology Online can provide you with more information about:

Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

You may be able to get credit or RPL for some units of this course based on your previous studies and work experience. This means the duration of the course may be reduced.

Enquire with Swinburne University of Technology Online to find out more about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

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What are students saying?

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
Swinburne University of Technology Online
(2 reviews)

Published May 2018
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)Swinburne University of Technology Online
Graduation date2015
Study modeOnline
Student review
I loved every minute of doing this degree and the support online was fantastic. As most of this was through open universities it allowed me to decide my time up between work and study efficiently and I found the course criteria well organised.
Published May 2018
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)Swinburne University of Technology Online
Graduation dateN/A
Study modeOnline
Student review
Swinburne online is an absolutely terrible experience of online study. I’ve done numerous courses online through other institutions and they make Swinburne look sub par. A few reasons why; A) there is little transparency when it comes to course credits for previous studies. B) they use part time teachers so response times and answers are normally inconsistent. C) units within a bachelor change without notice. D) they use group assessments when majority of people are not very active you end up going through the stress of trying to contact another person whilst carrying the weight of the assessment on your own shoulders only towards the end the teachers will step in. It really defeats the purpose of online study and can ruin your work/study life balance if your employed full time. E) study materials are very out dated to the current industry demands.

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Support and delivery

Set your own timetable

This degree’s flexibility allows you to tailor your studies to your schedule. Studying online also means your course work is portable – you can study anytime, anywhere.

There are 3 teaching periods a year, and you can enrol in 1 to 4 units every period. On average each unit requires approximately 8 hours of study time each week. This includes doing readings, activities, interaction with other students and assessment tasks.

Possible study loads

  • Full-time: 8 units per year over 3 years
  • Suggested: 6 units per year over 4 years
  • Part-time: 4 units per year over 6 years

There are study breaks between teaching periods and over Christmas / New Year so you can take time out during your course.

Supported and interactive learning

Swinburne Online has been tailored specifically to cater to the needs of students who are studying remotely. Your course has been developed specifically to be done online with an easy to use system and constant tutor support which gives you the benefits of face-to-face learning without having to step foot in a classroom. The entire learning experience is designed to be supportive, engaging and collaborative.

Benefits of online learning:

  • All learning materials included
  • Access your course through an online learning platform
  • Excellent tutor-student ratio
  • Regular feedback and guidance from eLearning Advisors
  • Course content is supplemented by online communication technologies such as discussion boards, chat sessions, email and blogs.
  • Student Advisors are available by email and phone 7 days a week to respond to queries you may have about your study; this can be anything from admissions and enrolment to assessments and technical issues.
  • Being able to study at a time that is convenient for you

Help with online study

Before you undertake your studies with Swiburne Online, there is a compulsory subject you must do called “Learning and Communicating Innovative Practice”. This unit is especially useful if it has been awhile since you’ve undertaken formal study or you’re unfamiliar with online learning.

The course will develop your skills in:

  • written and online communication
  • collaborating in individual and group work
  • critiquing and analysing information sources

Upon completion of this unit, not only you will be more confident about online study, this unit also gives you credit towards the overall completion of your degree.

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Swinburne University of Technology Online

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

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Swinburne University of Technology Online

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

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