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Short courses are education pathways that are usually focused on developing practical skills. Short courses can help you meet the regulatory requirements to work in certain industries or perform specific tasks, such as serving alcohol or administering first aid.

What will I get out of a short course?

You can use a short course to boost your existing knowledge, learn new skills, or pursue an interest or hobby.

Short courses provide you with valuable skills in a short amount of time, ranging from a few hours up to weeks in duration.

A short course might be right for you if you’re looking to fill knowledge gaps, upskill, or develop transferable skills that are relevant across industries.

Short courses can be a great way to explore a new career direction, or check out an area of study before committing to studying a full qualification.

If you need to balance study with other financial or time commitments, a short course may be a good option. Read more about finding the right course for your lifestyle.

Can I get credit for my short course if I decide to study again later?

A completed, accredited short course can earn you credit towards a related qualification, such as a Certificate or Diploma. A non-accredited short course won’t contribute toward another qualification but may provide you with valuable skills to enhance your career.

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Can I get government funding for a short course?

Government funding or payment deferral options may not be available for short courses. Fee structures and payment options for short courses may be different to longer courses, so it is important that you understand the financial commitment before you enrol.

Can I study a short course online?

You can study short courses online or in a classroom. Some short courses have a practical component, and you’ll need to attend these in person.