Course Reviews FAQs

Why is SEEK Learning collecting reviews?

As part of our vision to help millions of Australians find their calling and guide them along their best career pathway, SEEK Learning now makes the education course research process simple. With a directory of nation-wide courses and institutions, and reviews from current and past students, SEEK Learning can help you make an informed choice about your education and career.

How does SEEK Learning collect reviews?

Course Reviews are sourced from SEEK users who have identified in their SEEK Profile that they are currently studying or have completed a course at an education institution. To protect student privacy, all reviews are anonymous.

SEEK Learning moderate the reviews based on our community guidelines and publishes reviews to the SEEK Learning website.

Why can’t I see the review I wrote?

If you wrote a review but can’t see it on the website, one of two things might have happened.

  1. We’re still gathering reviews for the institution or course you reviewed – we will only publish reviews when we’ve received enough to provide our users with a helpful view of the course or institution.
  2. There was an issue with your review – if your review did not meet our community guidelines, we won’t publish it.

We do not allow education institutions to edit or delete the reviews that appear on SEEK Learning.

Does SEEK Learning screen reviews?

Yes. Before a review is published it goes through a two-stage moderation process:

  1. Reviews are filtered by screening software to ensure they are appropriate by detecting profanities and other inappropriate content.
  2. Reviews are read by our moderation team to ensure they meet our community guidelines and are helpful to others.

We do not assess reviews for accuracy or verify comments or allegations about an education institution. The reviews are posted by our student community and represent their opinion of studying a particular course. SEEK Learning does not endorse the views of the reviewers. The reviews that pass our moderation processes are shown as published without any editing.

How are the course ratings determined?

As part of the review process, students provide us with:

  1. An overall rating of a course, and;
  2. Individual ratings for specific aspects of the course and study experience.

The course rating that appears on a course page is calculated as an average of the reviews for that course. There is no weighting; all reviews count towards the course rating.

Where we display a rating for an institution, this is the average of the ratings for that institution’s courses.

Can education institutions respond to reviews?

Yes, education institutions can respond to reviews. Responses must meet our community guidelines. Education institutions do not know who posted the review as all reviews are anonymous and no identifiable information will be provided by SEEK Learning to the institution.