Privacy statement

1. Introduction

SEEK Learning Pty Ltd (ACN 084 202 719) ("SEEK Learning Australia") recognises the importance of your privacy and is committed to protecting any personal information we collect about you in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Together with SEEK Business Pty Ltd (ACN 122 162 029) ("SEEK Business"), SEEK Learning Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of SEEK Limited (ACN 080 075 314) ("SEEK"). In this Statement, references to "SEEK Learning Australia", "we", "us", "our" include references to SEEK, SEEK Learning Australia and SEEK Business. For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, the word "you" includes website visitors and consumers of SEEK Learning Australia products and services.

The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to inform you about:

  1. What personal information about you is collected by SEEK Learning Australia.
  2. How the information is used.
  3. With whom the information may be shared.
  4. How you can access and change any personal information SEEK Learning Australia holds about you.
  5. What security procedures are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information by SEEK Learning Australia.
  6. How to contact SEEK Learning Australia.

This Privacy Statement applies to any personal information you provide to us:

  • when visiting the SEEK Learning Australia website
  • when using SEEK Learning Australia's online services
  • when entering into an agreement with SEEK Learning Australia and/or another third party via SEEK Learning Australia
  • when you correspond, or communicate with SEEK Learning Australia over the telephone or in any other manner including by letter, facsimile or email.

In addition to collecting personal information directly from you, we may also obtain personal information about you from third party sources such as our course providers and other third party service providers.

Where you utilise our services in order to enrol in a course and your enrolment in that course is facilitated via a contract between your employer, an insurance company, or other organisation that is funding the cost of your course (the "Course Funder"), and you have consented to the course provider disclosing details of your course progress, results and other information to us for the purpose of transmission to the Course Funder, then on receipt of such information from the course provider we will disclose that information to your Course Funder.

Failure by you to provide personal information when requested by SEEK Learning Australia may mean that we are unable to provide certain services and products to you.

2. What types of information do we collect?

SEEK Learning gathers two types of information about you, namely:

  1. aggregated information generated by our systems (or third party systems) to track our website traffic that does not identify you personally ("non-personal information"); and
  2. personal information about you such as your name, address, telephone and facsimile number, email address and in some cases, your billing details and general financial and credit information and such information as may be necessary or appropriate in connection with the provision of, or notifying you about, our products and services ("personal information").

The type of information that SEEK Learning Australia collects about you is dependent on how you use the services offered on our website and the products you are interested in purchasing through SEEK Learning Australia.

Generally, SEEK Learning Australia does not collect 'sensitive information' about you. Sensitive information includes (but is not limited to) information about your race or ethnic origin, your religion, your medical history and your sexual orientation. SEEK Learning Australia will only collect sensitive information about you in the event that it is necessary for the purpose of providing you with a product or service. In such circumstances, SEEK Learning Australia will only collect sensitive information with your consent or unless we are required by law to collect such information from you.

Collection of aggregate data

SEEK Learning Australia collects non-personal information in aggregate form to track data such as the total number of visits to our website, the number of visits to specific areas of our website and the domain names of our website visitors' internet service providers.

We use this information, which remains in aggregate/ non-personalised form, to understand how our website visitors use our website so that we can constantly improve and enhance our services. We may also share this information with our course providers and other third party contractors for the purpose of providing you with optimal education and/or online career management services.

In order to better understand our users, SEEK Learning Australia utilises third party measurement companies to assess website and mobile traffic. A tracking code is used to collect the following information on the usage of the website:

  • The number of page views (or page impressions) that occur on SEEK Learning Australia;
  • The number of unique visitors to SEEK Learning Australia;
  • How long these unique visitors (on average) spend on SEEK Learning Australia when they do visit; and
  • Common entry and exit points into SEEK Learning Australia.

This aggregate, non-personal information is collated and provided to SEEK Learning Australia to assist in analysing the usage of the website. This data is also accessible by media organisations and research companies, for the purpose of conducting industry comparisons with other Internet websites.

Your Internet Provider ("IP") address

SEEK Learning Australia's web servers provide us with your IP address. This assists us in the diagnosis of problems and support issues with our services and enables us to monitor the use of our Site, including the monitoring of the location of our users.

Cookies and Applets

SEEK Learning Australia uses 'cookies' and 'applets' in its website systems. These enable you to use all the services on our website. You are able to disable cookies and applets via your computer's web browser however this may restrict access to some web pages and services within the SEEK Learning Australia website and will prevent us from being able to tailor advertisements to your browsing preferences.

Detection of Location Technology

SEEK Learning Australia uses a lookup service to assess your general location (city and country) when you submit an enquiry via our website. This is done to allow us to best service your needs.

3. How we collect information

SEEK Learning Australia may collect personal information about you when you visit our website, when you elect to use our online services, when you enter into a contract with SEEK Learning Australia and when you deal with SEEK Learning Australia over the telephone or correspond with SEEK Learning Australia via facsimile, letter or email or any other mode of communication. When we speak to you over the phone we may record the calls for training, verification and quality assurance purposes. Any Personal Information collected on those calls is used in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

SEEK Learning Australia may also collect personal information about you from our related bodies corporate (as that term is defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) ("related parties")., course providers and other third party service providers where you have consented to those parties sharing your Personal Information with us

4. How we use your personal information

SEEK Learning Australia may use your personal information (including through automated processes applying algorithms) for one or more of the following purposes:

  • to communicate with you, including via email newsletters;
  • to at your request facilitate and process contracts between yourself and SEEK Learning Australia and/or third parties;
  • to identify the number of people using SEEK Learning Australia's website services and establish the nature of their interests;
  • to conduct SEEK Learning Australia marketing activities;
  • to provide you with information about SEEK Learning Australia and its services and products;
  • to notify you about products or services offered by SEEK Learning Australia and its related parties that we believe will assist in improving your education or professional development and/or career prospects;
  • to manage and/or process complaints and feedback; and
  • to discharge obligations imposed on SEEK Learning Australia under applicable law, regulations or guidelines.

5. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

In certain circumstances SEEK Learning Australia may disclose your personal information to third parties as follows:

  1. Where you submit personal information to us either in order to facilitate your enrolment into a course or in order to obtain further information about that course – we will pass your information directly on to the relevant course provider or that provider's nominated representative.
  2. Where you are located outside of Australia and enquire about our products and services – SEEK Learning Australia may be unable to assist you. In such circumstances we may disclose your personal information to Online Education Services Pty Ltd (ACN 148 177 959) ("OES") for the sole purpose of allowing OES to contact you to determine if it is able to assist you with your enquiry.
  3. SEEK Learning Australia may also disclose your personal information to its related parties from time to time who offer products or services which we believe will assist in improving your education or professional development and or career prospects but only for the purpose of assisting SEEK Learning Australia and its related bodies corporate to provide and improve the products and services offered to users of each of their websites and products including (but not limited to):
    • data enhancement and parsing to facilitate product functionality and service quality;
    • product development to respond to market changes and customer needs and requests;
    • development and improvement of algorithms servicing product functionality (e.g. Search recommendations);
    • IT security measures for the benefit of protecting customer data;
    • data aggregation to support customer experiences, support services, and data analytics; and
    • ensuring the proper and more efficient working of the IT systems and services.

We may also disclose your information to third party contractors who perform services for us in the delivery of our services to you. In these circumstances, we will only provide your information to those third parties for that purpose and no other. In some circumstances this transfer may be to businesses outside Australia including in New Zealand, United States of America and India.

Where your personal information is passed on to a course provider or a third party, SEEK Learning Australia takes reasonable steps to ensure that these individuals and/or organisations are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations in relation to the protection of your personal information. Where information is transferred outside of Australia we believe that the recipients of such information are subject to a law, binding scheme or contract which effectively upholds principles for fair handling of the information that are similar in all material respects to the Australian Privacy Principles (and where appropriate the GDPR (as defined below)).

Other than as outlined above, SEEK Learning Australia will not disclose your personal information without your consent unless disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, authorised or required by law, reasonably necessary to enforce the law, or necessary to investigate suspected unlawful activity.

SEEK Learning Australia may also receive Personal Information from SEEK's related bodies corporate from time to time in accordance with the privacy policy of those related bodies corporate and/or the Privacy Act (as applicable).

6. Access to and correction of information we hold about you

Upon your request, SEEK Learning Australia will provide you with access to your personal information unless there is an exception which applies under the Australian Privacy Principles. If we deny such access, we will tell you why.

SEEK Learning Australia may recover any reasonable costs incurred in providing you access to the requested information. To request access to your personal information, please contact SEEK Learning Australia using one of the contact options provided in paragraph 13 of this Privacy Statement.

7. Keeping information up-to-date

SEEK Learning Australia strives to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date at all times.

If the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete, or no longer up-to-date, or you wish for your details to be removed from the website, please contact us at [email protected] so that we may take reasonable steps to address this and/or discuss alternative options with you.

8. Storage and security of your personal information

SEEK Learning Australia takes reasonable steps to protect the security of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

SEEK Learning Australia regularly reviews and implements new security and encryption technologies. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure.

Whilst SEEK Learning Australia strives to protect such information, we cannot ensure or provide any warranties in respect of the security of any information you transmit to us or obtain from our online products or services. Accordingly, use of the SEEK Learning Australia website is at your own risk.

Once any personal information comes into our possession, we will take reasonable steps to protect that information from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

9. Links to other websites

The SEEK Learning Australia website contains links to other websites. Please note that these links are intended for your convenience only.

Links to third party websites do not constitute endorsement, sponsorship or approval by SEEK Learning Australia of the content, policies or practices of those third party websites.

If you have any concerns regarding your privacy when visiting a linked third party, you should ensure that you check the privacy statement/policies of those websites.

10. Destruction of your personal information

SEEK Learning Australia will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify any personal information and Personal Data (as defined below) collected about you once the information is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected or as authorized or required by law, or upon receipt of a request from you to delete that information.

11. Changes to SEEK Learning's Privacy Statement

From time to time, SEEK Learning Australia may make changes to this Privacy Statement. Accordingly, we encourage you to periodically review this statement to remain informed about how we collect and protect your personal information.

Your continued use of the SEEK Learning Australia website constitutes your acceptance of the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information to the extent outlined in this Privacy Statement as amended from time to time.

For further information about the protection of your privacy, please visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's website at

12. Feedback & Complaints about privacy and the SEEK Learning Australia website

SEEK Learning Australia welcomes ideas and feedback about all aspects of the SEEK Learning Australia website. SEEK Learning Australia stores feedback that users send to us. This feedback may be used to administer and refine the services we provide and may be shared with SEEK Learning Australia partners either in aggregate form or with specific identifying characteristics removed.

If you have any complaints about our dealings with your personal information including any breaches by us of any Australian Privacy Principles or any questions regarding this Privacy Statement you are able to submit that complaint or query by contacting us at [email protected] or by telephone or post using the methods detailed in the "Contact Us" paragraph below.

Any complaints received by us will be referred for prompt investigation by our compliance team and a written response will be provided to you as soon as possible.

13. European Union

For the purpose of this statement:

  • "GDPR" means the General Data Protection Regulation, being Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council;
  • "Personal Data" has the meaning attributed to that term in the GDPR;

If you are a resident of the European Union for the purposes of the GDPR, then in addition to what is set out above, the following applies to you.

SEEK Learning Australia is a data controller and processor for the purposes of the GDPR and by your consenting to this Privacy Statement SEEK Learning Australia is able to processes your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Statement. Our contact details are set out in the "Contact Us" paragraph below.

In providing its services to you, SEEK Learning Australia may make use of a number of automated processes using your Personal Data and your activity on our website as tracked by us, in order to provide more tailored and relevant services to you.

SEEK Learning Australia may also use such data in automated processes aimed at providing more tailored and relevant services to course providers listed on the website.

In addition to your rights set out above, you may:

  • update or rectify any of the Personal Data that we hold about you, in the manner described above.
  • withdraw your consent to SEEK Learning Australia's use or holding of your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Statement.
  • request that SEEK Learning Australia:
    • provides you with a copy of the Personal Data SEEK Learning Australia holds about you in a portable and machine readable form; or
    • share your Personal Data with a nominated third party.

You may request that from us by contacting us using any of the methods set out in the "Contact Us" paragraph below.

Should you have any concerns in relation to SEEK Learning Australia's collection and/or processing of your Personal Data, then in addition to the process set out in the "Feedback and Complaints" section above (including the right to complain to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner), you have the right to complain to a supervisory authority (within the meaning of the GDPR).

Our representative for the purposes of the GDPR is set out below:

MCF Legal Technology Solutions Limited Riverside One Sir John Rogerson's Quay Dublin 2 IRELAND

14. Contact Us

If you have questions about this Privacy Statement please contact us using the details provided below:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 658 700
Post: User Help Desk
SEEK Learning
Level 6, 541
St Kilda Road
Melbourne VIC 3004