Money, passion, progression: what study can do for you

Considering a career change, or want to find work you’re passionate about? Study could be your ideal next step. 

Here are some of the ways a course can set you on the path to fulfilling work or give your career—and pay packet—a boost.

Earn more with a qualification

Gaining a qualification can mean a significant boost to your salary. University graduates earn on average from 40% to 75% more than high school leavers across a lifetime, according to key Australian studies.

Whether you’re looking to move into a higher-paying position or you want to upskill for your current role, a qualification can get you on the road to earning a bigger salary. After all, the more skills you bring to the table, the more valuable you could be as an employee.

If this is your aim, you could check out average salaries across particular jobs and industries, plus the qualifications they call for.

Follow your passion

If you find yourself daydreaming about a career that makes a difference or a job that leaves you feeling more fulfilled, it’s never too late to change your direction.

Full-time employees spend more than 30% of their waking hours working, so time spent feeling happy and satisfied at work is time spent wisely. Realising what you love to do and finding a role that involves your passion can mean your work day won’t be spent staring at the clock.

Finding your true calling and changing careers can be a nerve-racking prospect. But if you’re serious about making the transition, studying a course in your desired field can give you the confidence and skills to make the move.

Take some time to think about the kinds of fields and activities that really excite you, then explore what related course options are out there—there might even be some you had no idea existed.

Get the job you want

Perhaps you’re already in the right industry, but you want to move up the ladder to a bigger and better role. Working hard and proving yourself in your current role is important, but sometimes there are knowledge gaps you just can’t fill on the job.

If you want to progress your career in your current industry, upskilling can significantly improve your chances of achieving your goals. Not only will you gain the skills required to take on a greater challenge, but undertaking further study will help demonstrate your determination to succeed.

Speak to your boss or manager about how you could expand your skills to move up, or do some research into the career pathways you could follow before weighing up which courses could help you get there.

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Boost your confidence

Gaining new skills and enhancing your expertise can be a great way to improve job satisfaction, reinvigorate your passion for your industry, and make the time you spend at work more enjoyable.

If you're returning to work after time out and feeling a little unsure about re-entering the workforce, gaining a relevant and up-to-date qualification can help you get back in the game with confidence and a positive frame of mind.

Whether you want to change careers, move up the ladder in your current workplace, or do even better at what you’re doing now, investing in education—and yourself—can boost your confidence, and increase your overall happiness and wellbeing at work.

See how to find the right course for your needs, or learn how to choose the right course for your lifestyle. You can also see online courses for currently in-demand industries.