Careers you never thought you could study online

If you’re dreaming of a career that is particularly hands-on or based outdoors, you could be forgiven for wondering exactly how you can successfully study for that career, online.

The good news is - thanks to technological advances that have revolutionised how students learn online - you can now do exactly that, with online learning progressing in leaps and bounds from its roots in distance or correspondence education.

This is great news for students who are located far from a relevant campus, or require flexibility to fit study around work, family or social commitments.

So - even if you are interested in a more practical industry - chances are you’ll be able to access a course that is delivered mostly, if not wholly online to help get you there…


The fitness and personal training courses provided by the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (RTO 32363) are a clear example of how students can successfully learn practical skills, online.

As Faculty of Health Sciences Manager Matthew Hunt says, “the learning of practical skills begins well before a student is required demonstrate the skills on placement,” for example developing students’ capabilities in pre-screening clients, health assessments and fitness tests, to writing programs and reviewing a client’s progress.

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Agriculture and Horticulture

It may seem ironic that an industry characterised by its outdoor nature can be studied online – but that’s exactly what the Agriculture & Horticulture courses provided by TAFE Digital (RTO 90004), offer.

TAFE Digital Head Teacher of Natural Environment and Agriculture Wayne Brouwer, says a range of practical skills can be assessed using videos and photo evidence, including anything from pruning & chemical applications, to plant identification and basic soil analysis.

From Agronomist to Park Ranger, it’s possible to study for a range of Agriculture and Horticulture careers online. 

Child Care

Technological advancements are key in enabling TAFE Digital to teach Child Care in part online. Students particularly appreciate being able to submit video and written assessments online, as well as connect with teachers & students alike through social media.

From child development and care, to play and creative experience, students are able to learn the fundamentals of Early Childhood Education & Care online, before translating this theory into practice through relevant, offline work placements.

Interested in a career in Child Care

Building and Construction

The building and construction industry is typically associated with early starts, outdoor sites and getting your hands dirty - literally! However Builders Academy Australia (RTO 21583) Online Trainer John English, says technology has transformed the traditional classroom experience, allowing students to swap their hammers and drills with laptops and webcams.

“Our virtual online classroom is a group forum, interactive and follows a set schedule of lectures with additional time for question and answer – so it is a virtual simulation of a face-to-face class,” Mr. English says.

Designed to complement a student’s existing practical skills and experience, successful graduates can be qualified for construction roles ranging from Builder to Construction Manager. 

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Builder on site looking at plans

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