5 of the best study apps to keep you organised

Whether you’re studying at home or need to take notes in class, it’s about time you ditched the cumbersome notepads and half-empty Biros for something more efficient. Technological advancements in note-taking and resource collation can make light work of otherwise time consuming tasks.

There are plenty of different apps available to solve different problems. We’ve compiled a list of our favourites to help you take your organisation skills to the next level.


Get yourself organised with this note-taking app that you can access anywhere. Evernote allows you to write to-do lists or jot down lecture notes, collect articles you see online and manage all types of information in one mobile place.

Evernote - Study apps to keep you organised Evernote - Study apps to keep you organised

Evernote is a free app, available via iTunes and Google Play.


Dragon Dictation

Dragon is the world’s leading voice-to-text dictation software, and Dragon Dictation offers note-takers the ability to transcribe anything on the go. Once you set Dragon Dictation into action, you can sit back and listen to your lecture or meeting while the app does all of the transcription work for you. This app’s voice recognition software is effective and easy to use, and you can send your transcribed text easily via email or text.

Dragon Dictation is available free via iTunes. Its Android counterpart, Dragon Remote Microphone, is available via Google Play.


Never forget those important documents again. This storage app allows you to save your files from your computer, iPad or any other device so you can access them remotely from your mobile. Whether you want to share files for group projects or collate assignments to print, Dropbox helps you access to all your files on the go.

Dropbox- Study apps to keep you organised Dropbox - Study apps to keep you organised

Dropbox is a free app, available via iTunes and Google Play.



Preparing for an important exam or presentation? No need for paper and pen or cue cards, now you can do it all from your phone. Bringing your study style into the 21st century, Flashcards allows you to create your own easy-to-use flashcards, add images and collaborate with others by sharing with other devices.

Flashcards is a free app, available via iTunes.


Flipboard is all about online content curation. It’s a fantastic option for anyone studying or researching online resources, and especially for those who prefer more visual apps. Using Flipboard, you can collect and save articles, quotes and images you find online, and quickly organise them into your own personal reference and online magazine.

You can also connect Flipboard to your social networks so you can integrate updates from the thought leaders and experts you follow on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram.

Flipboard - Study apps to keep you organised Flipboard - Study apps to keep you organised

Flipboard is available free via iTunes and Google Play.

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