6 ways to exercise your body while you exercise your brain

Multi-tasking and time management are crucial when you’re trying to balance study with work, a social life, and your health and wellbeing. Even when you’re feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day, don’t let fitness fall down the priority list – it is possible to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while studying and kicking career goals.

Here are six top tips to help you stay healthy and active while hitting the books.

1. Rise and shine

Set your alarm to go off 30 or 60 minutes earlier and pound the pavement. Studies show exercising early is a great way to get those feel-good endorphins pumping, and to support your motivation throughout the day. Plus, when you exercise at the start of the day, you can get it out of the way so you don’t have to juggle a workout later.

6 ways to exercise your body while you exercise your brain

2. Learn on the go

Record yourself reading your study material and notes on your phone, and listen to it while running or going for a walk. This is particularly great for kinaesthetic or auditory learners, who learn best when being active, or listening to information out loud.

3. Take five, or 30

It can be hard to take five when you’re in the zone, but regular breaks during study sessions are good for your body and your mind, and are essential to prevent burnout. Set a timer when studying as a reminder to get up, and fuel up. Take a quick break and go outside, do some squats or yoga stretches, or make a healthy snack.

4. Ditch junk, stay fuelled

When you’re studying, it can be tempting to reach for convenient junk foods, but your brain (and body) will thank you if you stay fuelled with healthy, nutritious snacks. Choose brain boosting superfoods to keep your mind sharp and metabolism burning. Prepare them at the start of the day,or the night before if you’re pressed for time.

5. Multitask like a pro

Want to maximise your workout time while squeezing in extra study? Take your iPad or printed course material to the gym and sit it on the treadmill stand, or read while on the exercise bike while you’re working out. Genius!

6. Stay social

Maintaining a social life is also important when studying, so combine fun with fitness for a double-whammy. Join a social sports team, find new BFFs at a local bootcamp, or catch up with friends during an evening walk.

If you’re a fitness fanatic interested in helping others lead a healthier life, why not check out a health and nutrition course or a sports course.

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