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SEEK your Mind Ep 1: Should is a dirty word


It’s a tricky time between finishing your education and amassing enough career experience to have a clear career path. Like so many, Lottie is struggling to work out where she fits when pitching for jobs. In a candid conversation with host Sabina Read - and with insights from career coach Leah Lambart of RelaunchMe - Lottie talks through the difference between demotivation and fear, how to balance finding a job you want with finding any job at all, and how to achieve clarity in your narrative… to help create purpose and meaning in what you do day-to-day.

Lottie’s letter to SEEK

"Dear SEEK... I’ve been job hunting since March during the first lockdown. I’ve been doing bits and pieces and small projects, and I’ve almost finished a course on user experience design, trying to keep busy. But all this rejection is really demotivating me, and I find it hard to do all the things I know I should, like call people for feedback on applications. I just want to escape the feelings of not being good enough! And why do I feel lazy and guilty when I watch everyone around me going to work? I know it’s not rational, but how do I stop comparing myself to everyone else who has a job! Yours, Escaping my feelings."

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