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SEEK your Mind Ep 3: How to be more than a resume


Daniel has been at the end of his tether. Sending out applications only to never hear back is a sure-fire recipe for anyone to end up feeling dejected and unhappy. How can we make sure that even if we’re feeling down, we don’t come across that way during the job hunt. Host Sabina Read and positive psychologist Dr Tim Sharp say getting out of your head is the best bet for supercharging your optimism. What happens when Daniel gives it a try? He might just find a way to show he has more to offer than what people assume, and land himself a job in the process.

Daniel’s letter to SEEK

Dear Seek, I’ve worked in retail customer service my whole life but have struggled to find a job for a long time now. I’m angry and frustrated that stores I’ve shopped at for years have the time to send me automated messages about their sales, but cant even acknowledge my job application.

I get so in my head when I don’t hear back, and am at the stage where even if I know I have the skills they want I think, there’s no point even applying. I’m worried I’ll never be seen as anything more than my physical resume. Help me change my narrative, I’m so unhappy!


Suffering from silence

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