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SEEK your Mind Ep 4: Keep calm and carry on (searching)


Lauren is motivated to find a job. She’s got a to-do list and a determination to get as much help as possible. But when does too much advice become overwhelming? And what happens if you have to do it all while living in lockdown with your family? Host Sabina Read delves into some of the challenges we face talking to loved ones about job hunting and works with Lauren, and mindfulness teacher Tamblyn Lord to find ideas and exercises that will help balance our mental and physical wellbeing to help us thrive even in high stress situations.

Lauren’s letter to SEEK

Dear Seek,
I’d been thinking about a career move at the start of the year so when I was made redundant in June I assumed it would be a quick transition to a new role. I started out really enthusiastic and was asking everyone for help and input. Now I'm exhausted by it and I’ve got so much advice from all directions that I'm completely confused and uncertain about so many things.

I’ve been trying to look after my wellbeing and I actually feel physically healthier now than before lockdown. The flip side has been that not having a job means I couldn’t get the mortgage I’d planned for, so I’m still living with my family. I’m really lucky to have them, but I’m so conscious of not appearing to be a freeloader and lockdown with five of us in a house has been emotionally tough. Add to that, Mum’s started asking when I’ll take 'any' job… How can I help her understand no-one’s actually offered me any job?!

Yours, Lost for words

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