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2 out of 5

Assistant Manager

'At least it looks good on my resume'Ocean keys — 1 year ago

The good things

If you have a good floor team like I did then you can have a lot of fun from day to day. Seeing Regular customers and building relationships with them often become the hi...

The challenges

The higher management is shocking, there is no support from them or head office. Our manager left and I ran the store single handedly just after Christmas for 2 months (a...
4 out of 5

Part Time Retail Assistant

'Greatest work environment so far'canberra — 2 years ago

The good things

The environment is amazing, barely any b*tchiness or anything else that usually comes along with an all girl environment. Everyone gets along, works hard, assists each ot...

The challenges

Our planning team makes it hard for us to manage the store as they haven't thought about the ACT much (as it has the smallest number of stores) so much isn't suited to us...

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About Ally Fashion

We know fashion is meant to be lived, loved and shopped for fun and shouldn't mean emptying a purse for a single item. Ally was created with this in mind to provide the most fashion forward, trend driven, stylish clothing available without the heavy marked up price tag most retailers provide. Ally Fashion is a rapidly growing international ladies fashion destination based in Australia. Since opening our doors in 2001, Ally now has over 75 stores within Australia alongside a blooming online store and a vision to expand into New Zealand. The brand is continuously expanding and evolving yearly, the rest is still unwritten. As a fast fashion brand with over 50 new styles arriving every week, we respond quickly to new trends, styles and catwalk inspired pieces sourced from around the world bringing them straight into our product designs within the same season. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on our value without compromising the quality of our products and if something is not up to your standard, we want to know about it! Source: This is an extract from the company's own website.


U 16 Burrows Rd 24 2044 St Peters Australia

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Retail Store Manager - Narellan, NSW


STORE MANAGER - Eastgardens, NSW
Retail Store Manager - Eastgardens, NSW