No experience? No problem!

Do you have your sights on a promotion but lack the qualifications needed to persuade your boss? Perhaps you’re looking for a fresh start by changing industries, but don’t have any experience in your desired field? No previous qualifications or a lack of experience can often be a barrier for people changing careers or hoping to move up the ladder, but it’s time to put those fears to rest.

If you left school early to join the workforce and are now looking for bigger and better opportunities, or you’re lacking the skills you need for your new field, there are a ton of study options available to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re interested in teaching, IT or travel – or there’s an entirely different industry you’re passionate about – there’s a course that’s perfect for you.

Looking for a course with no prerequisites?

If you’re passionate about making a change in your life and studying to achieve your career goals, there are many nationally recognised courses available with no prerequisites required. Some of the most popular courses with no prerequisites include:

Finished Year 10, or have relevant work experience?

There are a number of courses that require you to only have completed Year 10 or equivalent. In many cases you can still enrol if you’re over a specified age requirement, which can vary from 17 to 21 years, or have relevant work experience.

Some courses with Year 10 as the entry requirement include:

Completed Year 12, or over 21 years old?

Excited to hang a certificate on your wall and land your dream career? There are a number of diplomas and degrees that only require the completion of Year 12 or equivalent – although in some cases you may be able to enrol without a Year 12 qualification if you are over 21 or have experience in the field. These include: