Industries hiring now and roles where job ads are rising

Industries hiring now and roles where job ads are rising
SEEK content teamupdated on 19 November, 2023

There is still increasing interest amongst job-seekers to find new roles as applications continue to rise in almost every industry. If you want to narrow your job search, check out where the opportunities are.  

Are you thinking about looking for your next job? You’re not alone. Research from SEEK reveals that 40% of candidates are looking to change jobs in the next 6 months.   

For 37% of people, their main motivation to shift is for a new challenge, while 34% are looking for a fresh start. Whether you're seeking a new challenge or a fresh start, it might just be time for a change.

After months of incremental decline, job ads recorded a larger decline in October of 5.0%, indicating that perhaps employers have begun winding up their hiring activity early for the year. By exploring the most in-demand industries and job roles, you can not only discover potential openings but also gain valuable insights to steer your job search in the right direction.

The roles and industries now in demand

See where job ads are increasing and explore industry and role trends over recent weeks

Education & Training is the highest growth industry

The Education & Training industry has seen the highest growth in job ads in the last fortnight (ending 5th Nov) with an increase of 6.8%. The growth is across all states, with the highest growth coming from TAS, up 33.6%.

Community Services & Development jobs on the rise

In the last fortnight, we’re seeing job ad growth in the Community Services & Development industry, increasing 4.5% (ending 5th Nov). This has been driven by growth in a number of job ads being posted in all states except ACT & WA.

So, if you're pondering your next career move, don't hesitate to dive into the latest trends in job ads and industry shifts. Your next great opportunity could be just around the corner.
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