Building Estimator

An analytical role that demands an eye for detail, technical knowledge and problem-solving ability.
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What's it like to be a Building Estimator?

Building Estimators prepare and deliver estimates for the cost of materials, labour and equipment needed to complete a construction or building project.
Building Estimator

Tasks and duties

  • Work with construction managers, architects and surveyors to plan and develop a budget for building projects.
  • Use software to calculate the cost and time estimates for a project, check subcontractor quotes and submit tenders.
  • Interpret plans, regulations and relevant codes of practice.
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Estimation is an essential part of the planning and tender process, and Building Estimators will often work with other professionals to make sure projects are completed on time and on budget.Building Estimators may work on residential, commercial or government projects, and may be required to visit clients, members of construction teams and construction sites.

How to become a Building Estimator

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To work as a Building Estimator, extensive experience within the building and construction industry is needed, together with a formal qualification, such as the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Estimating) CPC40308.

  1. Complete either a Certificate IV in Building (Construction Estimation) or a Diploma of Building and Construction CPC50210.
  2. Apply to get a "White Card" through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), as anyone who works on a construction site in Australia is required to undertake construction induction training. You will need to provide the trainer with 100 points of ID and pay the fee (set independently by each RTO).
  3. There are many options to progress your career as a building estimator - consider moving into consultancy or a construction management role.

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