About Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) was established more than 10 years ago because Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world and a very high proportion of our surviving animals and plants (over 1,700 species) are listed as threatened with extinction. “Business as usual” for conservation in Australia will mean additional extinctions. AWC is therefore developing and implementing a new model for conservation to reverse the decline in our wildlife. Source: This is an extract from the company's own website.

Company size

100 to 1000 employees

Latest jobs at Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Kimberley Regional Operations Manager
Once in a lifetime role – senior role leading the conservation of 2.5 million hectares of the Kimberley.

Broome & Kimberley

Operations Manager - Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary
Use your practical skills to save the Kimberley’s endangered wildlife. Lead the delivery of one of Australia’s most successful conservation projects

Broome & Kimberley

Kimberley Wilderness Camps Manager
One of the most exciting conservation and visitor management roles in Australia!

Broome & Kimberley