50+ examples of career objectives for your resumé

50+ examples of career objectives for your resumé
SEEK content teamupdated on 28 February, 2024

Did you know the average hiring manager takes just 7 to 10 seconds to scan your resumé before deciding to follow up or move on? This means you need to get their attention right away. A clear and compelling career objective is your secret advantage to shine and secure that callback.  

A career objective for a resumé is a brief outline of what you bring professionally to the table and why you believe you’re the perfect fit for the role. Think of it like an elevator pitch: if someone asked you about what you do and why you’re so good at it, how would you answer? Its purpose is to give the employer or hiring manager a quick snapshot of who you are. 

In this guide, you’ll learn what to write in an objective for your resumé, and how to create a great one to help make those ever-important first impressions. 

Understanding the different types of resumé objective statements

An objective statement isn’t needed for all resumés. In fact, if you already have a short resumé, it’s actually best if you leave it off and say what you need to in your cover letter. But for longer resumés, or for someone with special skills, it may be worth including an objective statement.  

When writing your career objective, keep in mind why you’re writing one and if it’s really needed (it might not be, if you’ve designed and written your resumé well). If you do decide to include one, then make sure it’s personalised to you and the role you’re applying for. 

Four key types of resumé objective statements

There are a few key types of resumé objective statements, depending on the role and industry. Here are four main types of career objective examples for resumés and when they’re best used. 

1. New graduates for entry-level roles

If you’re a new graduate applying for entry-level roles, putting the key criteria the employer is looking for in your objective statement can help you stand out. To catch their eye, bold or italicise any specific qualifications or skills you have that match their criteria. Focus on what skills you have and avoid touching on areas where you lack experience.

An example of a graduate objective statement may sound like:

[Degree] graduate with proven experience in [skills]. Seeking an entry-level position in [the industry] to grow with a business and develop my skills.

2. Career or industry changes 

Sometimes your skills and experience may not be an obvious fit for the role – especially if you're making the change to another industry. To help the hiring manager quickly make that connection, adding a resumé career objective can work in your favour. Ensure you add some transferable skills or qualifications that carry on from your past roles into the one you're applying for, to help you get to that interview stage. 

An example of an objective statement for a career change may sound like:

An accomplished [current role] with more than [number of years] years of experience in [current industry]. Looking to utilise my skills in [list key skills] in a [new industry] environment. Highly passionate about [key values and mission of business] and looking to advance in this area. 

3. Moving region or country

With remote work becoming more popular in certain industries, where you live doesn’t necessarily impact as many roles as it once did. But if you're relocating and looking for a local job, it helps to note that you’re either in the process of relocating, or willing to relocate, so your prospective employers know your situation. 

An example of an objective statement when you’re moving may look like:

Highly experienced [role title] with more than [years] years in [industry], soon to be moving to [new location]. Seeking an opportunity to utilise and build on my [key skills] skills and grow with a business who is passionate about [business core values]. 

4. Looking for career advancement 

Maybe you haven’t been in a management, supervisor or other more senior role, but you have the relevant experience and skills. This is when a career objective for a resumé can come in handy to let the hiring manager know you are ready for the next step, and to highlight the experience that makes you the perfect candidate. 

A resumé objective sample of when you’re looking for career growth could look like:

Passionate and highly skilled [job title] with more than [years] years of experience in [industry and specialisation]. Searching for an opportunity to progress my career, utilising skills in [list top desirable skills] in a supervisory role.

Characteristics of good career objective resumé statement

A good career objective for a resumé statement answers the question, “Why are you the right person for this job?” It should always be updated to suit the role you’re applying for, identifying what skills and experience you bring to the table. There are many ways to do this, even if you’re using a resumé template to get you started. 

Keep it short and concise

The perfect career objective is short and to the point; no longer than three sentences. Focus on highlighting the key qualifications, skills and experience that will help you stand out from the crowd. Remember to add in any clarification on details that maybe confusing or unappealing to the employer, such as your location, experience in a different industry or being a new graduate looking for an entry-level role. 

Highlight valuable and essential points

You should only be adding a resumé career objective if:

  1. The information is essential for the hiring manager to know immediately.
  2. It’s information unique to you that doesn’t already stand out in your resumé.

Many HR professionals feel a career objective is often not needed, so only add it when it provides valuable and essential information. Examples of what is considered valuable information are: a unique skill, big awards, when you’re making a career change or when there is information they may not be able to glean from your resumé, like relocating. 

Make it personalised 

Every career objective statement should be unique to the job you’re applying for. Read the job description and highlight key things they’re looking for and where you have those skills, qualifications or experience. This is what to add into your career objective to make you as appealing as possible.

What to write in an objective in a resumé

When it comes to resumé tips, learning how to write an amazing career objective is one you want to pay attention to. After all, it can be the difference between getting the interview or being put in the ‘maybe’ pile. You want your resumé to stand out and catch the eye of the employer, so knowing what to include and what to avoid in your objective will help you do that. 

What to include in a resumé career objective statement 

A resumé career objective statement can be a powerful tool if you know what to include. These are some of the top things you should mention:

  • Your current role
  • Years of experience in the industry
  • Unique skills, qualifications and experience
  • Relevant information to the role 
  • Any information essential for the employer to know, like relocating or a career change
  • Why you’re interested in this specific role and why you’re the best fit

Remember to keep your career objective short and to the point. Its purpose is to add value by highlighting what makes you a great choice for the role.

What to avoid when writing a resumé objective statement

Your objective statement should be written in plain language, including only the most important and relevant information. Here are some things to avoid putting in a resumé objective statement:

  • Clichés like ‘hard working’, ‘good communicator’, and ‘strong attention to detail’
  • Any negatives, like lack of experience
  • Non-essential information
  • Vague information – remember to be specific
  • Highlighting how the job will benefit you – the application is about how you benefit the company
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes – don’t forget to proofread! 

50 career objective examples for your resumé by industry

A career objective should be specific to the role. Before you get started, read some resumé objective samples for your specific industry. Whether you’re a nurse, teacher, creative, developer or customer service specialist, there will be specific skills that are relevant to your industry. In each example, look for key points that are mentioned, and then try to incorporate them into your own statement. 

Here are some industry-specific examples to get you started. 


The purpose of a resumé career objective for a healthcare worker is typically to highlight any specialisations and years of experience in different types of medical services. What you include will depend on your previous roles and the requirements of the job you’re applying for.

Registered nurse career objective example 

Dedicated registered nurse with eight years of experience in paediatrics and postpartum care. Seeking a challenging, full-time role to utilise skills in infant and family care, with a strong interest in case management.  

Aged care worker career objective example

Seeking employment in an aged-care worker role, utilising 12 years of experience in the field. Eager to use extensive ward and team coordination skills in a purposeful supervisory role.

Nurse practitioner career objective example

Patient and motivated nurse practitioner seeking a role with [business name]. More than 22 years of experience, with strong skills in diagnostics and treatment planning. 

Medical assistant (clinical) career objective example

Looking for a medical assistant position to utilise 10+ years in surgical assistance. Cross-trained in team supervision with vast knowledge of hospitals and clinics.

Medical assistant (administrative) career objective example

Extensively cross-skilled administrative medical receptionist looking for the next opportunity to advance career and use skills in a clinical environment. Detail oriented with special mentions for exceptional patient care and process optimisation.


The key to a good resumé career objective for a technology-based role is to keep it simple, avoiding complex terms. Many companies will have a HR professional responsible for the first steps of hiring, who may not have the technical knowledge to recognise certain skills. Keep it as simple as possible, while clarifying why you’re good at what you do. 

Front-end developer career objective example

SEO-focused front-end developer with extensive experience in web performance and user experience. Seeking a new challenge to utilise people skills to lead and support a cross-functional and agile team. 

Back-end developer career objective example

Full-stack developer specialising in back-end optimisation with more than five years’ experience in app development. Looking for the next role to utilise skills in Python, Java, Ruby and PHP, with the desire to help advance app technology in the medical industry. 

Data analyst career objective example

Expert data analyst seeking position to apply skills in dashboard development and optimisation. Specialised in stakeholder communications and project management, including budgeting, workflows and release management. More than five years of management experience, as well as master’s degree in business and data analytics.

Business analyst career objective example

Graduate business analyst with more than a year of practical experience in the insurance industry seeking an entry-level role. Proven track record in driving business growth by 13% in three months. Looking for a role to challenge skills and leverage experience in data analytics, financial modelling and strategic planning.

UX/UI designer career objective example

Multi-award winning UX/UI designer aspiring to work for [business name]. Lead project manager on design for the [business name] rebrand, including website and app, looking to utilise skills in CSS, advanced data analysis and UX-UI design. 


With many people following a similar career path in finance, a resumé career objective can help you stand out, particularly if you have made an effort to advance your skill set. Highlight specific industries you have worked in, especially if they benefit the business you’re applying to, as this information will set you apart.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) career objective example

CPA specialised in startup enterprise, recognised for servicing more than 1,000 new businesses. Looking for an in-house role to utilise skills in business structuring, financial planning and budget optimisation.

Financial Advisor career objective example

Recent finance graduate, looking for an opportunity to utilise skills in a financial advisor role in wealth management and financial planning in the corporate sector. Experience and special interest in technology businesses, with more than five years of experience working in accounts customer support for AI-technology company [business name]. 

Loan Officer career objective example

Seeking junior marketing position within the loans team at [business name], utilising more than five years as senior and lead loan officer at [business name]. Two-time customer-satisfaction award winner, with highest ratings for more than three years running. 

Actuary career objective example

Data-driven actuary with more than six years of experience in operational management across the finance and superannuation industries. Successfully supervised a team of more than 20, looking for the next challenge in a team management setting. 

Bookkeeper career objective example

Bookkeeper for more than 10 years, with extensive experience in sole trader, small business, franchise and big business taxation and finances. Seeking an opportunity to work in-house for [business name] to utilise advanced skills in technology-adapted processing and end-of-month reporting. 


Roles in education are some of the most rewarding. To make your resumé stand out, tailor your objective statement to the school or district, as well as highlighting your skills, experience and specialisations.  

Early childhood teacher career objective example

Sydney-based early childhood teacher with more than a decade of experience in child learning and development. Looking to utilise extensive care experience with children with special needs with [Business-Name] in a room supervisor role.

Primary school teacher career objective example

Recent teaching graduate with experience in teaching primary school children in years 1 to 3, with additional experience in relief teaching. Looking for a permanent, full-time role at [School-Name] to make best use of skills and knowledge in the latest teaching practices.

High school teacher career objective example

Seeking full-time advanced English high-school teaching position at [high-school-name]. Highly experienced teacher with more than 15 years in teaching high school students, and 10 years teaching advanced English. Proud to have more than 80% of students continue into communications-based further education. 

Librarian career objective example

Media-and-information-qualified librarian with three years of experience in public libraries and seven years’ experience in university libraries. Passionately seeking a role with [library name] in a training and visitor-focused role to utilise extensive skills in training new staff and locating obscure data.

Principal career objective example

High-achieving assistant principal bringing more than eight years of experience in primary and secondary schools in the Brisbane area. With a master’s in education, looking to apply demonstrated experience at [school-name] in a principal role.

Customer Service

Being able to show strong communication skills is essential when applying for a customer-service role. A well-written career objective statement can help the hiring manager see your written communication skills andalso learn more about how long you have worked in customer service, what industries you may have worked in and more. It can help you quickly stand out in a pile of potentially hundreds of other applications.

Sales associate (retail) career objective example

High-performing retail sales associate who acheived more than a million dollars in sales for [business name]. Excels in high-pressure environments with demonstrated results in technology, furniture and luxury fashion sales. 

Cashier (retail) career objective example

Seeking cashier oppportunity at [business name], offering experience in sales and training. Well-presented cashier with more than two years in a big box retail branch, working across multiple locations.

Call centre representative career objective example

Experienced call-centre representative of more than five years with demonstrated skills in a high-volume environment. Strong familiarity with a vast range of CRMs, including Salesforce, Monday, Hubspot and more. Looking to bring a five-star customer rating to [business name] in a call centre role.

Customer service manager career objective example

Seeking to join [business name] as the conflict resolution team manager. Strong leadership background with demonstrated ability to maintain less than 2% client churn rate, alongside 99% team retention. 

Technical support specialist (IT) career objective example

Doctoral graduate in technical sciences looking for leadership role in the IT department at [business name]. More than 20 years in information technology and troubleshooting, with a 4.8-star customer satisfaction rating.


Whether you’re just getting started out of university or looking to take your marketing career to the next level, an objective statement can help you win over a hiring company. Key things to highlight include specific results you have achieved, any awards or recognition you’ve received, and specific areas of study or work experience that will help you stand out.

Social media manager career objective example

Performance-driven social media marketing specialist with track record in growing engagement by up to 300% on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Looking to utilise expertise in organic social media growth, as well as extensive experience working with fashion and beauty brands. 

Marketing coordinator career objective example

Offering more than eight years of experience in coordinator roles within a high-performing marketing team in the technology industry. Experienced in traditional and digital marketing, specialising in client retention and growth through organic and paid marketing. Seeking a role as marketing supervisor at [business name] to drive results for the marketing team. 

Public relations specialist career objective example

Motivated public relations graduate with hands-on account management skills seeking entry-level PR role at [business name]. Proven experience in preparing and distributing releases, news jacking and identifying creative opportunities to build brand awareness. Looking to utilise and grow my existing skill set with an in-house PR role. 

Brand manager career objective example

Results-driven brand manager with three years of in-house experience and four years of agency experience. Ready for an immediate start in the Sydney area, with interest in senior, supervisor or lead roles at [business name].

Content writer career objective example

Dynamic content writer wanting to join a dynamic agency environment to utilise more than nine years in web content management. Special interest in SEO-driven content, with proven experience in creating engaging content for finance, medical and legal industries.

Human Resources

Human resources is a balance of the professional and the personable. With the trend of introducing ‘people and culture’ specialists to human resources, being able to highlight your specialised and unique skills can help a business envision how you can benefit them.

Human resources manager career objective example

Seeking opportunity to utilise six years of human resources, recruitment and training experience at [business name]. Demonstrated experience in improving employee retention by 60% in 12 months through the creation of a culture-led engagement program. 

Recruiter career objective example

Accomplished recruiter with the goal of working in-house hiring and recruitment team for [business-name]. Awarded as top performer three months in a row in recruitment agency role, specialising in technology hiring. 

Benefits coordinator career objective example

Data-driven benefits coordinator with the goal of working in the HR department at [business name]. Most recent benefits roll-out received a 92% engagement rate and 86% increase in staff satisfaction. 

Training and development specialist career objective example

Pursuing new challenges in training and development for a leading finance business in Brisbane. More than 12 years of experience in training and staff development, with a 90% retention rate. 

HR generalist career objective example

Seeking HR generalist role at [business name] with the goal of creating impact on the business’s human resources practices, processes and staff retention. Results-driven with proven experience in utilising technology to drive trackable initiatives within the organisation. 


Drawing attention to your past sales achievements is one of the top ways to secure an interview. If you’re new to sales, highlight any relevant experience or training you have or are undergoing that can benefit the business.

Sales manager career objective example

Sales manager of more than 20 years, the last five of which have been spent leading a highly successful real estate team with a turnover of more than $15 million in sales. Pursuing an opportunity to guide a talented pool of sales professionals at [business name].

Sales representative career objective example

Successful sales representative of three years, specialising in digital marketing and technology. Invested in becoming a top-performing sales consultant at [business name] to secure new business and nurture existing clients. 

Account executive career objective example

Goal-driven account executive with demonstrated success in innovative sales techniques utilising technology. Looking for next opportunity in an executive sales position to drive sales, previously demonstrated by achieving more than $520,000 in sales per annum.

Business development manager career objective example

Highly successful business development manager with long track record of growing new partnerships for B2B companies. Passionate about finding the next challenging role, utilising background in information technology to advise clients on best solutions at [business name]. 

Retail sales manager career objective example

Driven retail sales manager looking to acquire a position in the reputable [business name] group. Demonstrated experience in leading and nurturing a successful team of 30 rotating staff, including training and recruitment. 


Within the legal sector there are myriad skills and specialisations that can make a career objective stand out. If you’re a recent graduate who has yet to find their niche, include what hands-on experience you have, to let hirers know you are proactive about launching your legal career and a serious candidate for them to consider.

 Lawyer career objective example

Law student eager to attain an entry-level legal position at [firm name]. Committed to aiding some of the best lawyers in the field and helping clients find the legal representation they need.

Paralegal career objective example

Highly experienced paralegal looking to support the high-performing team at [business-name]. Assisted more than 250 cases in five years. 

Legal secretary career objective example

Proactive and self-motivated legal secretary and clerical specialist with experience in managing schedules for multiple stakeholders and front offices. Seeking a legal clerical position at [business-name] with the aim to further streamline processes and help integrate new technologies for further efficiency. 

Contracts manager career objective example

Sydney-based contracts manager with extensive experience in property, business and family law contracts. Experienced in implementing technologies to improve the success rate of contracts signed within in-house and firm settings, with 10 years of demonstrated experience.

Compliance officer career objective example

Senior compliance officer with experience in the finance, health and public sectors, including three years with the state government. Seeking new opportunity in compliance management with [business-name], specialising in OSHA regulations. 


If you’re a new graduate applying for a job in the creative industries, a well-written career objective will help hiring managers see your potential. What you include will depends on the specifics of the role, but you should highlight any practical experience you have, creative works you have completed, and technical skills you’ve acquired.

Architect career objective example

Highly experienced residential and commercial architect, interested in pursuing a role in urban planning with [business name]. Specialised in social sciences and utilising sustainable design to build greener communities. 

Graphic designer career objective example

UX-trained graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience in print and digital design. Lead graphic designer at [business name], with experience collaborating with content and development teams. 

Copywriter career objective example

Google Ads-certified copywriter with more than three years of agency experience producing high-performing copy. Specialist in long- and short-form copy, as well as landing page copy optimised for SEO and conversion.

Art director career objective example

Exploring new opportunities at [business name] as an award-winning art director with accolades from the 2022 Sydney Arts Awards, 2020 Indie Film Awards in Brisbane and more. Successfully led a team of 15 creatives for more than six years, working across traditional and digital media.

Web designer career objective example

Multi-award-winning lead web designer exploring new opportunities within a creative agency. Trained in UX and SEO design, with CSS experience. Ready to step into a senior or management role. 

A well-crafted resumé objective statement can be the key to getting an interview. The secret to a good resumé objective is to personalise it to the job ad and show why you’d be an asset to the team, with specialised skills they can’t do without. Remember to keep it short and to the point, shining the spotlight on the unique experience and attributes that make you perfect for the job.


What is the difference between a resumé objective statement and a resumé summary statement?

The main difference between a resumé objective and a resumé summary statement is length. The objective statement is a concise summary of the value you would bring to a role. A resumé summary statement is longer and more detailed. 

Can a resumé objective statement be too long?

Yes, a resumé objective statement can be considered too long. The ideal length of a resumé objective statement is two to three sentences. It should only contain important, unique information that will entice the hiring manager into reading more of your resumé or giving you a call. 

Should I include a resumé objective statement on my resumé if I'm applying to multiple jobs?

Your resumé objective statement should be tailored to each job your apply for. Look at each individual job role and write a unique objective statement that addresses the skills, qualifications and experience they’re looking for. 

Can I use the same resumé objective statement for different job applications?

While you can use the same resumé objective statement for different job applications, it will be more effective if each one is personalised to the business and job ad. This helps you align your skills and experience with exactly what the business is looking for. A generic career objective statement may only touch on some (or even none) of the skills they’re looking for, lowering your chances of getting an interview. 

Is it necessary to write a resumé objective statement if I have a lot of work experience? 

A resumé objective statement is not essential. However, it highlights your greatest career achievements and skills. Even if you have solid experience, keep your objective statement brief for readability. 

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